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Witch Hat
« on: July 25, 2014, 02:54:01 AM »
Here's the witch hat from TS3 Supernatural, originally converted by TheNinthWave as a hair here, as an accessory for all genders and all ages.
It will work with various flatter hair styles, but certainly not all.

If you want to recolour: due to the way Bodyshop makes recolour files, I'm including a separate file for recolouring only. Please recolour the file that says so. Then open both  the "for game" file and your recolour in SimPE at the XMOL resource, and sort by Instance. Then make sure that the age, gender and bin values for the same Instance values match in both files. The in-game thumbnail for the baby age is blank by default, but a custom thumbnail can be added.

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