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While working on a request I thought it would be nice to have versions of these slaved to Jonesi's Blanket so here they are.

SunniSims bed skirts slaved to the bed blanket and SunniSims canopy slaved to the bed blanket and to the Champagne dresser(for the wood part). I've made a single version of the canopy to complete the set. Now for the pics....

2 pics of the variations available for the wood part.....

2 pics of the meshes in action....

Canopy fabric and bed skirt is slaved to Jonesi Bed Blanket - get the mesh here:
Rod and rings wood is slaved to Campagne Dresser Chambre - get the mesh here:

You need those two original meshes to make the slaved objects work

Jan 18- I have fixed the height problem of the canopies. You can see the fixed ones in the Irish beds thread.
I gave these unique guides so you can have them in game with the originals if you wish.
Download here
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Re: More Slaved Bedroom Accessories....Jonesi Bed Blanket Versions
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I'm delighted to have these as well :love Thanks so much!

*I went in to game to play with these and they are lovely. However, the canopies are quite a lot shorter than the original, so many of the beds I'd like to use them with don't work as well. Because I really, really like these, would it be possible to get versions that are as tall as the original?
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 :likeit :likeit :likeit

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Yes! Another great creation to justify...

OMG I just realized how many jonesi blanket recolors I have waiting in a folder to be sorted: 1,078.  :O

Anyhow, thank you!

They tried to make me go to bedding-hab but I said no no no :lalala:

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That's what I needed! Thank you! :happy:


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 :blowkiss LOVELY!! Thanks so much for this one too!!!:love


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