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Hello ... again!


It's been a while, but I'm back with a whole new Sims 2 experience! My faithful (10-year-old) PC died this week, taking down with it all my cherished Sims 2 games and downloads. (Weep, scream, and grieve!).


But I've invested in Aspry's Sims 2 Super Collection which I can play on my much newer MacPro. It includes Base Game, Holiday Stuff, and EPs through Seasons. Of course, trying to relocate my favorite CC from so many dead sites is heartbreaking. BUT! My most favorite things came from here, especially from HugeLunatic and from Kate! I've known Kate ever since the ancient days of TSR, The Laden Swallow, and lastly here at Sims2Artists.

So I'm downloading these things with the same great sense of joy I felt over the years -- it's all new again! Some things I will miss are the Ikea things, like Ektorp, the one-tile, short bookcases and dressers. It's amazing how many things I CAN use, though! And my own walls and floors are here for me to grab.

Knowing you are still here and still enthused over the Sims 2 -- the best version of all -- has made my fresh start wonderful! I hope you'll suffer with me if I have trouble remembering how to play without FT, Apartments, and Mansions & Gardens.

Thank you for 10 years of friendship and, of course, of great CC!  :thx

-- Betsy, aka Lightheart  :blowkiss

Welcome back!  :hug

Thank you, Lunie! I'm delighted to find MTS going strong with old Sims 2, and that you still have a strong presence there.

I was wrong about the order of my EPs -- the Super Collection has everything through Bon Voyage. I'm finding right much CC that I can use! And it's nice to have a bigger file capacity now; more CC!

 ;) Betsy

Betsy! It's great to see you back here  :hug I'm glad to hear that you have a new computer and can play the game again!

My simming hard drive is dead  :cry - all templates, textures, files not in my current game (which is a test game, so it doesn't have much) etc. are unreachable. I have a cloud backup, but I need to buy a drive to download the backup onto. So I'm planning to get a large SSD, but need to wait until next month since we just had to replace the washer & dryer.

In the meantime, I'm re-downloading old favorites and making my test game into a real one- let me know if you are looking for any special CC, because I'm out there hunting stuff down anyway and I'll keep a lookout  :)


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