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spiegelsplitter: seems I have been a member here for more than 7 years and never introduced myself... :thumbd
Bad me!
I've been a simmer ever since I got The Sims 1 Basegame an eternity ago. For most of my time playing the Sims I have been a lurker and downloadjunkie. I figured out how to make cc for Sims 1 very shortly before Sims 2 came out and how to make stuff for Sims 2 around the time Sims 3 was yeah always late to the party.
In 2009 however I joined as a creator and staff member and later admin on Colour Sims.
Due to my job getting more stressful and my moving in with my boyfriend I was less and less able to contribute in the way I wanted and kinda fell of the grid.
I still checked in from time to time to see what was happening to the site...and a couple of months ago I found the site no longer exists. Which brings me round to my introduction here today... Ever since I found out CS was dead I felt like finding a way to keep my creations available for people looking for them without too much hassle for me but maybe a little more hassle than the graveyard.
So today I went looking through my screenshots got all nostalgic and figured I would just go ahead and post my creations here.

We are very happy to have you here!  :flowers I've always loved your creations and would be sorry to see them gone from the community. So many great sites have disappeared, but I've also seen people re-appearing as they remember why they liked Sims2 the best!

Hello Speigelsplitter! I love your creations too and I'm very happy to see you here  :flowers


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