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Valentine Padded Beds & Benches


Valentine Padded Beds & Benches
Two small sets of beds and benches.
Bedding is linked to maxis bedding texture.
Benches and bedframes are linked to Jonesi's bedblanket.
Shadows on the padding are meshed, so they appear on every texture.
Note: On very dark textures the shadow almost vanishes on very light textures it can seem a bit harsh.
You need Jonesi's Bedblanket for this to work correctly in your game.
Find it here.



Set 2

My policy: Don't claim my work as your own, use and abuse however you see fit, feel free to include with your lots. Have fun!

I had someone lost my mesh for this set so thank you so much for everything you posted that is new to me and that I have but someone might not yet.  I love everything so much!!! :love


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