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Just plain help!!!!!


I am plaing a bunch lately, and have noticed weird stuff. The garbage can being knocked down ticks me off, but what's this with the nanny LEAVING BEFOE A PARENT COMES HOME!!!!!!??????? I turned away from the game for asecond when my toddler went to his quilt for a nap (thanks Lunie!!!) and when I turned back, I was in time to watch the Social Worker taking my toddler away!!!

Any fixes for this out there???

thanks, Deb :love :love :love

There is a mod here to prevent sims from kicking your trash can over: or here:
and there is a mod here to prevent the social worker from appearing (scroll down a bit):

thanks so much for the links. I will get the trash can file, but I already habe the welfare file, so not sure whay else I can do. Will keep looking. Thanks again!!!


You could try a different Mod, I use this one "BO - Kids & Pets Unattended", by BoilingOil


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