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Hey guys I'm back :) Miss me? :)


Hello everybody :)  I haven't played Sims 3 in forever.. last time I think was 2015 or thereabouts so I'm so rusty on everything.  How do I put in .package files again?  My computer crashed and burned so I got gifted a new one in 2015 and didn't install Sims until a couple of weeks ago.  I forgot all I learned  :sad: so I hope someone will tell me how to do it all again.  Please :) 



Lis! It's great to see you back  :hug I'm still with Sims 2, never did get into Sims 3. In 2, you put your .package files into a Downloads folder you make in your game files. It might be different in 3?

Amethyst!! :love  Thanks for that.  I'm playing 2 and 3 ... so yeah it helps alot :)  I don't have a downloads folder in 2.. do I just make one?  And I'm looking at the lovely items you've been making :)  Shopping time!!!  :likeit


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