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ScaryRob here, from MTS and GoS "fame", where you might have seen my screen name from time to time. Those quotes are meant to denote humor of the sarcastic kind.

My main interest is making Lots for TS2. HugeLunatic invited me to come here, partly because this site does not have a grunge/Gothic theme, like GoS, which my Lots don't fit into.

I strive to limit my custom content to those build objects, along with a very small number of buy objects, that have the most dramatic aesthetic impact on a Lot, or are the most useful and versatile. Some examples: Open-underneath stairs, wall holes, a few fences, backless shower tubs, one-tile desks and a few recolors of doors. There are some other things, of course, but that's generally the kind of custom content I limit myself to. My philosophy in this regard is simple - I provide the Lot, you decorate it as you wish.
That said, I do carefully furnish all my Lots, unless otherwise noted for some reason, mainly to make sure the layout is playable and to suggest appropriate furnishing and decorating styles.
I test all my Lots for full functionality and make sure no Sims ever set foot on any Lot's I share.

I haven't really gotten too deep into actually playing the game, although the testing of my Lots get's to be fairly extensive, in my opinion. It is, after all, an addicting game, and I frequently find myself "testing" a Lot for upwards of an hour or two, when I could have been done with it in 15-20 minutes.

After deleting all my Lots from [name of site redacted ;-)] a couple of years ago, for reason(s) I can't remember and which are probably better forgotten anyway, I've finally started re-uploading my stuff to the Sim File Share site, and linking to it from Garden of Shadows, where I'm somewhat active from time to time, mainly by asking a lot of questions most people probably consider stupid, and posting to the off-topic forums. So maybe I'll become somewhat active here too.
It will take me a while to re-upload all my stuff, since I've updated pretty much all my Lots, some of them substantially and some drastically, and most of them still require tweaks and testing. I have also made numerous new ones in the meantime.

I know nothing about modding or meshing or any of that stuff, although if I had someone sitting right next to me to teach me, I'd guess I'd probably enjoy it. That's not meant as a roundabout request for anyone to teach me anything.

My Sims association started with the original game, with a couple of expansions - and I can't believe it's been almost 20 years. At the time, I found it fairly interesting and a welcome change of pace from what I was usually playing at that time - war and strategy games. But it didn't grab me enough and I ended up selling it.
A couple of years later, in 2004, Sims 2 stood a better chance, mainly because of the vastly improved architectural aspects, although after the first couple of expansions I again grew tired of the limitations and sold that set too, in late 2005. I also didn't feel like spending loads of money buying a new EP and/or SP every six months.
But the build bug had gotten hold of me, and over the years I often wondered what it would be like to recreate certain houses for TS2. In mid-2012, I bought the entire TS2 collection and have been playing it ever since. So I do have all EP's and SP's.

My next immediate goal, in regard to playing TS2, is to probably buy a GOG edition of SimCity 4, because the used one I bought in a store some years ago will not run on my current Win7 computer. This will allow me to make custom 'hoods, which I need to do in order to make my future planned Lots. None of the Maxis 'hoods serve my purpose. I'm aware, of course, that terrain can be altered in the 'hood view, but I need to be able to create a custom road grid, and hence my need for SimCity 4.

About a year ago, I also bought a couple of Sims 3 collections, which came with a couple of expansions and stuff packs, but I haven't installed any of that yet and I'm frankly not looking forward to having to relearn everything all over again. This is definitely on the back burner, or maybe not on the stove at all right now.

I live in Arizona and I'm single and I'm in my late 50's. I'm also wordy.

Hi Rob! Welcome  :)

Welcome from me, too! We are glad to have you here :flowers

Hi, Rob.  I'm Ginnie, also from Arizona!  I do the updates for Saving the Sims, and try to get as many as I can!

Thanks for the welcome.
Uhmm, am I going to have to type in those verification letters every time I post?


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