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completer recolors of Maxis meshes in exterior bright blue and red, interior pale blue, blush, mint, and sand
floor / ceiling tiles and wall 'panels' using Aikea-guinea's wall writing (mesh included) *
HugeLunatic's recolorable Chic Stairs and CEP-EXTRA for the Wooden Curve Door are included with thanks


My policy: Don't claim my work as your own, use and abuse however you see fit,
feel free to include with your lots and recolours. Have fun!

mod note: I updated spiegel's bright blue and red recolors of the Wooden Curve door to work with Lunie's CEP-extra
* I don't know if I guessed correctly as to which Aikea mesh the wall panels require, sorry
* Edit July 5 2020 I think I got the right Aikea mesh


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