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G'day Fellow Simmers

My name is Genelle; long time Sims 2 player, cc downloader and hoarder and a bit of a forum lurker. This is my first post...and I'm a little nervous  :erm 

I have been archiving Casaslindas Sims 2 recolour files from her Wordpress and Tumblr accounts since February. Why so long, you may ask?? Well I've had to take several (and regular) breaks as the whole process was doing my head in. I've just about lost what's left of my sanity!!! 

Why did I do this??? Well, I love Helen's recolours and as usual, I was late to the party when I discovered her site around 2018, She hadn't posted anything new for a while, and while there were lots of dead links, I downloaded what I could. Since 2020, I noticed many WCIF requests at @Sims2Packrat, most of which were for sets with the deceased Dropbox links. I didn't have these files but I wanted them desperately. 

However, at the beginning of this year, I had a scary vibe that one day, her Wordpress site would vanish. So I started the archiving mission/nightmare. It's so weird but in July this year, Helen deleted every post related to Sims 2; she no longer has any of her Sims 2 files and only concentrates on Sims 4 now. I was devastated but relieved that I had saved what I could months earlier. I also sent Helen a message a few weeks ago via Facebook, asking if she still had access to her dropbox account but I haven't had a reply.

I am about 85% finished but there are still many files I cannot find: specifically Dropbox files from 2014-2015 and a few other randoms (Send Space, Copy, Uploading and those posted at Unfortunately, Helen Torres changed up her file hosting sites quite often so it's been a lottery to find stuff. 

It's been a busy month, but I have finally compiled an archive of the missing Casaslindas files.

I created a Flickr Collection (MISSING SIMS 2 CASASLINDAS FILES) consisting of 39 albums; one for each missing download I could find. There could possibly be more, but unfortunately if the Wordpress or Tumblr pages haven't been archived/saved, I can only assume they don't exist. Believe me, I checked...ALOT!!! Each album is complete with hi-res images, screenshots of the original post, release date, file host name and the file name (if known). Each album appears in chronological order, from the newest to the oldest files/sets and they are a combination of files posted at Wordpress or Tumblr.

I have my fingers and toes crossed that someone will have the original RAR files stashed away, or at least recognise some of the recolours if they have them in their game.

If you do have any of the missing files featured in the album that you would like to contribute to the archive, YOU ARE AWESOME!!!

Please post the link here (if that's okay with the admins) and I'll add the required meshes, images and add it to the saved archive. 

For any complete sets/zip files that are FOUND and posted, I will remove the corresponding album from the Collection so it will always remain updated and will contain the missing files only. I really want to finalise this project before the end of the year, so we'll see how we go with finding the missing files. Maybe give it a couple of weeks, and then I'll post a SFS link to all of the completed sets I have (I am still fiddling with these ie. adding meshes, renaming or resizing images and compressing and zipping). At my last count, it is just over 200 sets. Then, if any missing files are found in the coming months, I'll add them to the Casaslindas (Twinkie) SFS Folder.

Here is the direct link to the Collection =>

Here is the direct link to the Albums =>

I have made a similar post on my tumblr, @divagirl76, so for those with tumblr accounts, feel free to re-blog, share the album links to other groups, forums or sites and please spread the word. I have come across download links for Casaslindas files in different places online, but I would love to have as many of Helen's files as possible in one place for everyone to access, download and enjoy.

In my experience, The Sims 2 community is the BEST and so wonderfully generous with sharing or finding missing content. I have accomplished all I can on my own, so now I need the assistance of fellow Sims 2 lovers.

Thanks in advance for all your help with this treasure hunt.

G xo



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