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TS2 - One texture recolor request for JBB and Gwenke K8 cushion


Would anyone be able to use the following texture to make a recolor of the Jonesi Bed Blanket and the Gwenke K8 cushion deluxe for me, so that I can use this with my twelve thousand repository items as well?

I used the "Extract" feature in SimPE to get this texture out of a recolor made by Riekus13 in this Orla Kiely Bedroom recolor set. But Riekus13 had only used this to recolor the billyjean Curio bed cushion, and I really need it on any other pillow, that's why I assumed this method is best.

Also I forgot how to recolor, and I no longer have Photoshop, so I tried to shortcut it by just importing this texture into a recolor and committing and saving, but it hasn't shown up in my game, so I guess my shortcut idea didn't work  :blush

I've been really busy lately, but I saw this and it was fast and easy to do, so HERE they are. Two sizes of the print for Jonesi, because the scale is pretty large for most objects.

Thank you :flowers

Oh, I forgot I wanted to mention there is a color palette design challenge happening at GOS. This funny little fish print seemed like it might fit well with one of the color palettes. Just a heads up if anyone is interested in participating :)


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