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Since Spring & Summer are actually around the corner, here are 10 retextures of Holy Simoly's Sorrento dining chair, cushions only. They are in one zip so just delete those you don't like. The wicker recolors in the screenshot below are Holy Simoly's own recolors, available at Holy Simoly.


You will need the Sorrento chair mesh for these retextures to show up in the game and Holy Simoly's wicker recolors to mix'n'match cushion and wicker color combos like in the pic below. You can get Holy Simoly's Sorrento meshes and recolors here.

RgdyAnne did a great single tile version of the Sorrento table available here.

edited to update photo link

:wub  Lovely!  Glad someone else likes Holy Simoly so much too.

nice one Nyx :thumbup

--- Quote from: Nyx on March 09, 2009, 02:36:32 PM ---Since Spring & Summer are actually around the corner

--- End quote ---

thats lies....we don't have spring or summer....we have an extended winter :p

Thanks guys, glad you like them. Next to you guys, Holy Simoly is my favorite site!  :love I know I lied about Spring and Summer, Yagami. I just needed an excuse to post these retextures.  :P We only have two seasons here in Ontario it seems. A cold snow-filled humid Winter followed by a wet hot humid Summer. We get Spring and Autumn for about a week each, just to tease us.  :cry

They are gorgeous Nyx....  :happy:


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