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SPXiomara & Komasutra made some nice Maxis match Seasons objects for a Neighborhood 99 pack but didn't use the repository/slave method. I've slaved them to Maxis objects so you don't have to recolor them individually. Now they'll pick up all the colors and recolors of the Maxis objects they're slaved to. Included in the zip are the fixes for SPXiomara's two mirrors, coffee table & bookcase and Komasutra's curtains, wine rack cabinet & tall kitchen cabinet, all Seasons shabby chic match. All credit for the original meshes & screenshots go to the creators.


edited to update photo links :)

Very nice Nyx thank you!

Cool, Nyx, Thx :thumbup

Hey did anyone ever do a matching fridge? It drives me nuts to use that set and not have a fridge that matches the stove, and for that matter a dishwasher and trash compactor, either.

Hysterical Paroxysm at MTS did recolors of the Maxis appliances in Seasons colors.

Another useful fix Nyx  :happy: :happy:

Thanks for that link Lunie - I had those before all the BSOD's and couldn't remember where I got them  :blowkiss :blowkiss

Nyx any chance you can fix my stuff so it doesn't suck so much or are you not a miracle worker lol


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