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Cabin House - A TS3 House

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The Cabin House, a  2 bedroom, 2 bath 2 storey starter home, or a vacation home.  Depends on what you need it for.  Situated on a 30X40 lot.  Lots of room to expand if needed.  Tested in-game for 2 sim weeks.

Furnished - 43,259
Unfurnished - 30,121

Here's some pics:

Download here:

I hope your simmies enjoy this lot :)

That's cute!  :thumbup

I'm sure that those playing S3 will, since it's a very nice lot  :)

Poor Kate you can here the sadness there!  It's a cute lot Lis  :likeit

Well, I do like many of the things being made for S3, and would like them for S2, but I didn't find the game itself that appealing. After a couple of days of play, I went back to S2.


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