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TS2: Recolors and/or grab-a-bility fix for billyjean Floor Mirror?


Hi again!

I'm wondering if anyone is willing to do a little fix for the billyjean Floor Mirror (seems to be from the "Kitchen set" which can be downloaded here).

Currently when you try to grab it or "design" it, the ENTIRE tile around this thing is sensitive to being clicked. Makes it REALLY hard to grab anything around it or to place/move it onto an OMSP (yes, I know there's a new global mod to shift everything, but I am scared to commit!)

Also, it's cute and versatile, and currently only comes in one color, so any recolors at all would be appreciated!

Either part of the request would be appreciated!

Thanks! :blush

My file for this mirror seems to work okay for grab-ability so maybe I - or someone - fixed it? The TXTR was changed to remove the writing on the mirror and I've probably quarter-tiled it and re-priced it. There's four recolors. Life got super busy this month and I hope it slows down soon so I can catch up with everything!


Thank you again, Kate! :flowers


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