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simblrbdays Re-uploaded / 2017.08 - ft Director's Chair and Hobby Shelf Incentives
« Last post by shastakiss on January 24, 2024, 04:08:30 PM »

FreeTime pre-order incentive director’s chair & hobby shelf with subsets and a few recolors in maxis-match & pirate woods. There’s an al version of the shelf lowered for non-shadowy shiftablility and Chimerical’s extracted model train shares textures with the shelf’s train. Thanks to theatticbox​ for all their deco clutter.

ts2 download sfs - box
simblrbdays Re-uploaded / 2017.07 - Birgit43's Candles
« Last post by shastakiss on January 24, 2024, 04:00:55 PM »

Five updated candle meshes by B43: three classic candle holders, silver French Quarter duo, and the Savoir Vivre candelabrum.
Base recolors in black, brass, & bronze and a white candle recolor.

ts2 download sfs - box
simblrbdays Re-uploaded / 2017.05 - Party Balloons and Presents
« Last post by shastakiss on January 24, 2024, 03:44:29 PM »

recolors of bg balloons and hh presents

ts2 download sfs - box

A few days later someone either requested default replacements or maybe I just felt like it
Amaryll also shared slightly different present and balloon defaults using these textures

ts2 download defaults sfs - box

And a few days later later someone asked for yeti balloons
simblrbdays Re-uploaded / 2017.02 - PetStories Recolors
« Last post by shastakiss on January 24, 2024, 02:58:52 PM »

rcs of the wicker pet bed, hanging bougainvillea plant, and auto pet feeder
rcs of the scratching post to match Pets atomic colors
rcs of the Vertical Gordon painting plus the frame in pirate and maxis-match woods
- Rainelle by RisaStorm
- Box Art - The Sims 1 by OwenOak95
- Manmaid by Nilou
- social bunny s3 easel painting (?)
- paint-by-numbers flamingos
rcs of the aquarium and fire hydrant reward base in black
Meshes included with thanks to HugeLunatic for adding recolorability here

ts2 download sfs - mf
simblrbdays Re-uploaded / 2017.01 - PetStories Extractions
« Last post by shastakiss on January 24, 2024, 02:22:21 AM »

work table repositoried to the ice block carving station (HugeLunatic's recolorable main mesh is included with thanks), grey rc
deco chain saw with red rc
dog show registration table
kennel as a 2x1 pet bed with tan rc (HugeLunatic's 2x2 pet house is here)

ts2 download sfs - box

an emptied/invisible rc of the registration table's deco and pirate wood rcs of the tabletop

ts2 download sfs - box
simblrbdays Re-uploaded / Yardsale
« Last post by shastakiss on January 24, 2024, 01:59:49 AM »

two more recolors of Honeywell's 3t2 backdrops, meshes included with thanks

ts2 download backdrops

Some more recolors of chrissy6930's puddles (originally shared here)

ts2 download puddles

Beck's neighborhood cow scaled down and cathee/cat3cm's teapot water tower cleaned up
Please check out Tales From Little Carping's neighborhood cows

ts2 download neighborhood deco

I had repo'd Sunnisim's taller gothic window frame to the bg window here but HugeLunatic fixed it (thank you)! It now also shares glass textures but my older recolors needed updating to work with the fix.

ts2 download fixed gothic windows
simblrbdays Re-uploaded / 2016.11 - Veranka's 3t2 Suza's Plants
« Last post by shastakiss on January 24, 2024, 01:29:51 AM »

Pot rcs in Pushing Daisies colors
Plants 02-05 now share pot colors with Veranka_SuzaPlant01_Small_MASTER in Veranka's conversion of Suza's Plant set, edited meshes included with thanks

ts2 download sfs - box
simblrbdays Re-uploaded / 2016.10 - 3t2 Backdrop Recolors, NSWG Wall Hangings
« Last post by shastakiss on January 24, 2024, 12:59:15 AM »
Honeywell's converted Fall Backdrop is included with thanks

Sweet Down Low edits and recolors of some Not Shipped with the Game (NSWG) wall hangings (maxoidmonkey objects and pre-order incentives)
- meshes have been lowered on the wall for non-shadowy shiftability and require al
- Game Day Guidon is Richief's FT version

2 rcs of bv Giant Map pre-order plus frame rcs in pirate and maxis-match woods

three rcs of gl Gold Record pre-order

two rcs of gl Luxury painting pre-order

ts2 download sfs - box
simblrbdays Re-uploaded / 2016.08 - ofb International Buy in Island Colors
« Last post by shastakiss on January 24, 2024, 12:10:18 AM »

I couldn't recolor Numenor's booth when I made this set so shasta_Numenor_intlbooth_islandcolors default replaces the original colors and should load after Numenor_MaxisLost_IntlSectionalBooth. HugeLunatic has since turned the island colors into actual recolors here (thank you!)

ts2 download sfs -box

simblrbdays Re-uploaded / 2016.04 - Mermaid Wallpaper
« Last post by shastakiss on January 23, 2024, 11:56:35 PM »

Six wallpaper sets with either poppet's baseboard or Curiona moulding in wood or white (not mac-friendly, sorry)

ts2 download sfs - box
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