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AL Updated
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These are all (I think) the files updated by BlueSoup at Sims Cave for AL.  I've copied her original text so you can see what is included.

Quote from: Original Post by BlueSoup

• Some of these objects are slave objects to other pieces in the set they belong to, so they require those for textures they may draw from.  If you see flashing blue, that's why.  Make sure to at least have the master object from sets like this (Simaddict and Cashcraft use repository items like this)
• Also, I kept the names as exactly they were before I fixed them, so they'll overwrite the same file names you have in your Downloads folder.  Let them Wink  As well, some creators updated some pieces for EP's later than what they were first made for.  In those instances, I chose the piece that was for the latest EP.  Delete earlier versions.
• Some objects don't actually update with AL, but they include updates for FT, etc.  I kept all the names AL_xx for continuity.
• I am only including meshes, not recolours of these objects.  I updated the items I personally use in my game, but if you want me to update items you have, I'm happy to, just leave a request in this thread with links to where I can get the item (like at the booty or the free site), and I'll do it for you.


• 4ESF Antique 2, 4ESF Antique 3, 4ESF Cottage
• Shakeshaft Mt. Lodge (TSR)
• ATS2 Sobre, Ashley bedroom
• Buggybooz Drift
• Cashcraft Charm, Once Upon A Time, Victorian Inspired Study, FutureWorlds (Decorating your space set) (TSR)
• Chez Moi (Phoenix Phaerie) bookcase
• Holy Simoly Arizona, Sendai
• Sims2Play Femira, Fidelity, Oriental, Hansen
• SIMCredible Balbi, Balser (x2), Beachy Study, Sierra
• Steffor Fresh, Rattan
• WDS Easy Living Entertainment bookcase
• Windkeeper Atomic Add-on (x2), Aquatic add-on (x2), Fantasy add-on (x2)

Baby Changing Tables:

• 4ESF Antique 5
• Cashcraft Vintage Vickie Changing Table
• Cemre Changing table (Nautical Themed Nursery)
• Simaddict99 Mission, Storybook
• Sims2Play Hansen


• 4ESF Office 2
• Alienware (Official site Alienware desktop)
• Birgit43 Apple iBook (TSR)
• Cassandre Sony Vaio laptop (TSR)
• Ogularama Alienware Area51, Alienware laptop, Dell Dimension, Ferrari Acer laptop, Macbook Pro, iMac G5
• Pacotacoplayer Apple iMacs 20 & 24-inch (MTS2)
• Parisienne Apple iMac G4 (TSR)


• Buggybooz Basic Kitchen Dishwashers 1 & 2
• Cashcraft Victorian Kitchen dishwasher
• Holy Simoly Tranquility


• 11Dots Living 4, Office 3 Easels 1 & 2
• 4ESF Antique 7 easel
• Simaddict99 Mission easel (TSR)
• SimCredible Atelie Easels (2 versions)


• 4ESF Antique 4 icebox, Kitchen 9
• Cashcraft Victorian Kitchen Icebox, picnic basket fridge
• Fresh-Prince LG Fridge
• Murano Mono kitchen fridge
• Simaddict99 Guy's Garage mini-fridge (has all options), Seasons Match fridge
• Newport Kitchen (TSR Sasilia)
• Shannanigans Retro Fridge (TSR)


• Blakeboy's Round Shower
• Cashcraft Vintage Charm shower
• HugeLunatic's backless slaved cheap and expensive showers
• Holy Simoly's Ocean Grove shower
• Murano's Lumeo Shower (TSR)
• SIMCredible Icy shower
• Simtomaniac Sanita shower (TSR)
• Newport bath showers (2 versions) (TSR)


• 4ESF Living 4 boombox
• Shakeshaft's Mt. Lodge stereo, Retro Stereo (TSR)
• Simaddict99 Seasons Match stereo (TSR)
• Shannanigan Vintage transistor radio (TSR)
• WDS Easy Living Entertainment Stereo

Trash Compactors:

• 4ESF Antique 4
• Buggybooz Basic Kitchen
• Holy Simoly Tranquility
• Simaddict99 Seasons Match


• 4ESF Cottage, Living10, Living6, Living7, Living9
• Shakeshaft Mt. Lodge
• Cashcraft Vintage Vickie Armoire
• Ogularama Glamour TV match, LG 32" HDTV, Samsung TV
• Simaddict99 Atomic Age match, Seasons match, Tiki match
• Sims2Play standalone TV
• SIMCredible Balbi, 60's Living
• WDS Easy Living Entertainment, Shabby Comfort TV


• Sims in Paris Bathroom 3 shower
• Cemre CD Player with CD's (TSR)
• Cashcraft OUAT Baby Changing Table (TSR)
• Cashcraft Victorian Scullery trashbin (compactor, TSR)
• Cashcraft Vanity Fair Music Box (TSR)
• 4ESF Other 1 Easel
• 4ESF Other 6 (Nursery) Baby Changing Table
• 4ESF Bedroom 8 Record Player
• 4ESF Antique 3 Music Box
• Yamaha Amplifier (from MTS2)

• SA99 - Tiki potty, Storybook potty, Indian-inspired potty
• Holy Simoly - Snuggles potty, Cozy Bub potty
• Cashcraft - Once Upon A Time Potty, Vickie Nursery potty
• 4ESF Other 6 potty, Antique 5 potty


Cyclonesue's Bang on a can shower

Beosboxboy Blakeboy tribute bookcase

Simtomaniac Beach House items

Stylist Sims Bookcases

Pimp My Sims Chicago shower

Targas Fringe TV

Mango Sims Evori radio

Cassandre Modern Egg TV

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