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Takeo Kitchen

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Takeo Kitchen

This set contains: 6 counters with 1 InvisiBlock, 5 overhead cabinets, 3 cupboards, fridge, stove, hood, dishwasher, trash compactor, column and crossbar, and several deco objects - all with a number of recolors. Find and download it all in the posts below.

To start off with here is the collection file:

  Download Takeo Kitchen Collection File

* No EP required. Fridge, Dishwasher and Trash Compactor are Basegame compatible, but also have Seasons and Free Time options. The Overhead Cabinets and the hanging deco can be shifted up and down if you have Apartment Life installed.

This is a new and improved version of the Takeo Kitchen set. Most meshes have been redone and made repository and almost all textures have been vastly improved.

Not all these new versions will overwrite the old ones, so I strongly recommend that you remove ALL old Takeo files from your Downloads folder before adding the new ones.

Old recolors by other creators are unlikely to work or look good on the improved meshes.

* The counters, overhead cabinets and cupboards all have added slots where you can place plants, lamps and other deco objects. To place more than the allotted number of items use the Takeo Kitchen Invisiblock, the Le Morvan InvisiShelves or the InvisiBlocks.

* A few of the objects in this set have a poly count of more than 1,000. They could create problems for very old or slow systems. See exact poly count for each mesh below.

* The main furniture of this set comes in 6 different recolors. You can find them in the recolor post below. Here's what they look like:

* Deco objects and their recolors can be downloaded in separate posts below.



For anybody who knows of other recolors of this set, please feel free to post a link to them in this thread.  :)



Main Counters
MASTER objects. Required to make all other counters, cabinets, cupboards, appliances, column and crossbar work.
Poly counts: Drawers - 786 per tile. Doors - 1378 per tile. 

Download Main Counters

Special Counters(Shelf at the back)
All these counters have shelves at the back where you can place deco objects (see picture below). To place objects on the lower shelves you need to use the Takeo Kitchen InvisiBlock.
Poly counts: Drawers - 800 per tile. Doors - 1394 per tile. Ends - 958 per tile. 

Download Special Counters


Download InvisiBlock

Overhead Cabinets
All shelves have slots for plants, lamps and deco objects.
Poly counts: Cabinet 1 - 56 per tile. Cabinet 2 - 464 per tile. Cabinet 3 - 12 per tile. Corner with shelves - 78 per tile. Corner with doors - 460 per tile.

Download Overhead Cabinets

All shelves have slots for plants, lamps and deco objects.
Poly counts: Cupboard 1 - 80 per tile. Cupboard 2 - 1150 per tile. Cabinet 3 - 1590 per tile.

Download Cupboards

All are Basegame compatible, but also have Seasons and Freetime option. The hood works as a lamp.
Poly counts: Fridge - 454 per tile. Stove - 1328 per tile. Hood - 192 per tile. Dishwasher - 1085 per tile. Trashcompactor - 930 per tile.

Download Appliances

Column and Crossbar
Poly counts: Column - 12 per tile. Crossbar - 12 per tile.

Download Column and Crossbar

Recolors - Main furniture
(Counters, Overhead Cabinets, Cupboards, Fridge, Stove, Dishwasher, Trash Compactor, Column and Crossbar).

Download Recolors for Main furniture

Recolors - Hood

Download Hood Recolors

Deco objects

Hanging Pots
4 separate meshes with 1 master and 3 slaves
Can be shifted up and down with AL.
Poly count - 360 per tile each.

Download Hanging Pots


Download Hanging Pots Recolors


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