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Tamarind Bedroom

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Tamarind Bedroom
Previously unreleased version

This set contains: Double bed, single bed, chest of drawers, end table, coffee table, loveseat, desk, stool, mirror, 4 pillows, rug and runner, 2 blinds, dress, Kleenex box, flower vase, plant and candles - all with a number of recolors. Find and download it all in the posts below.

To start off with here is the collection file:

  Download Tamarind Bedroom Collection File

* No EP required, EXCEPT rug and runner, which requires Nightlife. Beds for Pets can be downloaded separately.

This is a new and improved version of the Tamarind Bedroom set. All meshes have been redone and made repository and some textures have been improved.

Not all these new versions will overwrite the old ones, so I strongly recommend that you remove ALL old Tamarind Bedroom files from your Downloads folder before adding the new ones.

Old recolors by other creators may not work or look good on the improved meshes.

* Certain objects in this set have a poly count of more than 1,000 per tile. They could create problems for very old or slow systems. See exact poly count for each mesh below.

* Here's what some of the recolors look like (click on the picture to see a larger example):

Please note:
Below you will also find some recolors of the flowervase and the plant that were made by SimVeggie. I have not been able to get in touch with SimVeggie, and her site – where these recolors were originally posted – doesn’t seem to exist anymore. But her recolors are too good to be lost, so I’ve taken the liberty of posting them here together with the meshes. If this is in any way problematic, please let me know.



For anybody who knows of other recolors of this set, please feel free to post a link to them in this thread.  :)



Main Furniture Meshes
2 MASTER objects (End table and stool) and seven SLAVES.
Poly counts: End table - 1256 per tile. Coffee table - 420 per tile. Loveseat - 1030 per tile. Chest of Drawers - 1670 per tile. Desk - 1412 per tile. Stool - 1530 per tile. Mirror – 432 per tile.

Download Main Furniture Meshes

SLAVES to the end table.
Poly counts: Double bed - 537 per tile. Single bed - 1056 per tile.

Download Beds
Download Beds for PETS


Slaved deco objects:
SLAVES to the stool
Two bed-height pillows and two sofa-heights pillows. Can be shifted up and down with AL.
Poly count - 640 per tile.

Download Pillows

Dress on hanger
SLAVE to the end table and the stool.
Poly count - 482 per tile.

Download Dress on hanger

Kleenex box
SLAVE to the end table.
Poly count - 64 per tile.

Download Kleenex box


Non-slaved deco objects:
Rug and Runner
Requres Nightlife
Poly count - 6 per tile.

Download Rug and Runner

Poly count - 220 per tile.

Download Blinds

Flower vase
Poly count - 2324 per tile.

Download Flower vase

Poly count - 1260 per tile.

Download Plant

Poly count - 1666 per tile.

Download Candles

Recolors - Frames
Work on beds, end table, chest of drawers, loveseat, coffee table, desk, stool, mirror, coat hanger and Kleenex box.

Download Frames Recolors

Recolors - Fabrics
Work on stool, loveseat, dress and all pillows.


Download Plain Fabrics Recolors


Download Patterned Fabrics Recolors

Recolors - Tabletops
Work on end table and coffee table.

Download Tabletop Recolors


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