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Monsoon Build Set

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Monsoon Build Set
New version

This set contains: Four windows, six doors, two archways, two staircases, three columns, two fences, two borders, two storm blinds, two doorway curtains and two full-length curtains. You can also download the house above – furnished. Find and download it all in the posts below.

To start off with here is the collection file:

   Download Monsoon Build Set Collection File

* No EP required

This is a new and improved version of the Monsoon Build Set. All meshes have been redone and made repository and some textures have been improved.

Not all these new versions will overwrite the old ones, so I strongly recommend that you remove ALL old Monsoon Build files from your Downloads folder before adding the new ones.

Old recolors by other creators may in some cases not work or look good on the improved meshes.



For anybody who knows of other recolors of this set, please feel free to post a link to them in this thread.  :)



Main Build Meshes
1 MASTER objects (counter height window) and 18 SLAVES.

Windows, archways and doors
Poly counts: Privacy window - 164 per tile. Small window - 196 per tile. Fullsize - 132 per tile. Double - 148 per tile. Single wooden doors – 700/736 per tile. Double wooden door - 688 per tile. Single glass doors – 250 per tile. Double glass door – 452 per tile. Single archway – 96 per tile. Double archway – 48 per tile.
All have diagonal versions.

Poly counts: No railing – 80 per tile. With railing – 208 per tile

Railings, borders and columns
Poly counts: Railing 1 – 64 per tile. Railing B – 76 per tile. Border A – 16 per tile. Border B – 16 per tile. Column A – 36 per tile. Column B – 48 per tile. Column C (connecting) – 48-272 per tile.

Download Main Build Meshes

Storm blinds
SLAVES to the counter height window. Found in Buy Mode under curtains.
Poly counts: Open and closed - 512

 Download Storm blinds

SLAVES to the counter height window. Fullsize curtain is SLAVE to doorframe size. All have diagonal versions.
Poly counts: Curtain A (beads) doorframe – 1756 per tile. Curtain A (beads) fullsize – 2078 per tile. Curtain B (fabric) doorframe – 408 per tile. Curtain B (fabric) fullsize – 408 per tile.

Download Curtains

Recolors – Main meshes
Work on windows, doors, archways, staircases, columns, storm blinds and curtains (rods).



Download Recolors for Main Meshes

Recolors – Railings and borders
(These are not ordinary recolors, rather actual meshes)

Download Recolors of Railings and Borders

Recolors – Curtains

Download Curtain Recolors


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