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What Is Up? Solved


All, you are going to wish I'd never gotten a new computer and started to get my game ready to play again. I'm so sorry in advance for bugging you all.

I decided my collections were such a mess that I should probably make new ones because thanks to you guys I can now edit my collections to show only in collections.  That being said I pulled out my old collections and icons and made all new ones.  Problem is, when I go into the game and try to organize the icons they aren't there.  I can't add items to my collection icons or organize them if they don't show up.  I tried getting into the game, going through the steps then out.  Thought maybe they'd show up when I went back in....didn't happen.

Any guesses as to what might be wrong? 
Again, soooo sorry for the bother...

Solved my own problem....TY though!


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