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WCIF Older Sims2 Sets Repositoried?


Mostly, I've been spending my time sorting all my Sims2 Downloads...Zipped I had somewhere around 100 plus gigs of files. It's a huge undertaking but I wanted to finally have it all sorted before I started my game again with everything added.

I'm looking to see if anyone may have repositoried some of the older files from Simbella's Forum?  I have tons of recolors and creations by Mira, Micha, Teko, Dorien, etc., but of course recolors are not your friend in Sims.  If you know of where I could find some I'd love to know too.

Thanks for your time and all that you do for us!!!
Elizabeth :thx 

I don't think I've done any of those, I don't think I even have any of the old Simbella stuff.  But it's possible amythestfenix or shastakiss has, they'll chime in if they have.

I don't think I have anything from Simbella's either, sorry.

I know I have stuff from Simbella and if I could repo something, I probably did, but I don't have it organized all together. Most of the creators posted in other places too, so I have them organized mostly by creator. Can you tell me what sets in particular that you are looking for so I can look for them?


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