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New PC - how to get Sims2 installed and working ?

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Hi guys.

I finally got a new PC and want to install Sims 2 from my old discs. I have all expansion packs.

Does any of you know where to find a good guide for this exercise ? (windows 10 or 11)

So far I have installed the base package and it is working fine, but I can only choose 800x600.
I have tried to install University and Nightlife as well, both finished to 100% but then backed out last minute.

I know this is not the right place to ask, but I don't know where else to put it.

Thanks in advance - and Merry Christmas.

Kind regards, Helle

For disks you'll most likely need to use grumpy loader.

Once you have all installed you will want to use Graphics Rule Maker to fix resolution and texture memory.

I have never heard about Grumpy Loader before - thank you so much, I will try this.

Kind regards, Helle

Just a small update: I have now finally installed all my CDs successfully an I have played the game for some hours without any issues. I still need to adjust graphics though.

So until now it has been a success and I really enjoy the speed and the screen solution of my new computer.

Next step will be the graphics rule maker.

Kind regards, Helle

Hi guys.

Everything is working now. I am thrilled to finally being able to create again.
Thanks for helping.


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