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Welcome to the chalet!
« on: April 08, 2017, 08:19:46 PM »

pirate woods

pirate colors

island colors

yeti colors

Thanks and credit to:
HafiseAzale, HugeLunatic, Klaartje, NixNivis, and revolvertrooper for the CEP-extras
Goat for the original wood texture
slig for their clear glass defaults and help
witheredlilies / Amaryll
DreadPirate, Michelle, nekosayuri, pixelated-sim, and YanderePlum for generously allowing me to share their recolors here

Amaryll is responsible for making almost all the default files and they also graciously said I could re-host them individually here. Their original posts have more info about them.

at their livejournal:
build items - With a Kiss, Parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 4
Mission collection

at their tumblr:
uni medieval
Secret Santa gifts, hobby objects
pets objects
lots and lots of things
hobby objects, bg club counter
so many things
bv Far East build objects
bg appliances, ssns kitchen deco, ffs nautical, bv tropical
Brightheaven, part 1
expensive deco, Danish dining
bg quaint kitchen and dining
ft nursery
k&b stylish counter/bar, aquariums
pets objects, ft comfy tv & stereo
brasserie bar, deck stairs & fences, coffin, LACK table
mesh replacements for the loft collection
patio chair and folding table
seasons country counter & stool, treasure hunt, diner counters
pets atomic bedroom
k&b stylish sink, lighting, rug
bg colonial counter, bg & uni party objects, al socialite spiral stair and fences
ikea hemnes set, al jock coffee table & tv, ft trophy case
bg & ofb tansu dressers, ssns country chair, table, desk & coat rack, bg toy box
tss goth collection
bg club mirror, bg moderate floor mirror, uni vanity
ft birdhouse & ant farm, ssns ladybug house, nl butterfly collection painting
ft comfy bed & side table
bg decorative and ft bohemian study
nl upscale restaurant
quaint desk
club collection column, doors and stairs
leksvik coffee table, chabudai coffee table, Central Asian end table, lockers
balloons, presents, party chair, clothing racks
nl nightclub counter and bar
al socialite door, m&g planter box
ssns country bedroom, bv hotel, IKEA Billy bookcase
ft pottery wheel, m&g flower ladder
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