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Residential: Art Nouveau - The Flamingo Series
« on: June 12, 2017, 12:12:28 PM »
I had a very nice message letting me know pics were missing for the Lemony Snicket & Flamingo lots. Re-uploading them here since the GoS post is too old to edit :B

The EA store sets need Havelock's more awesome lighting fix which I've included in the zips for each lot. knightguy's glass fixes require Nightlife so I didn't include them. I changed that glass from blue to clear here.
Four residential 2x2 lots, all requiring BonVoyage. They're minimally furnished, containing only what I'd expect to find in a house for sale.

I actually did these first, thanks to my inexplicable and sudden fascination with the base game flamingo. They're too tropical for art nouveau so I re-did them in more Jugendstil colors for the Snicket lots. But just in case anyone else has a flamingo obsession... These all share the same recolors listed here (included in the zip) and shown in a kitchen here and a bathroom here.

The Pickford
front - lower - upper - cc list - costs 42,109

The Valentino
front - lower - upper - cc list - costs 42,098

The Barrymore
front - lower - upper - cc list - costs 43,002

The Fairbanks
front - lower - upper - cc list - costs 46,272

Many thanks to the talented creators whose content was used:
Cynarra's recolors of the nouveaulicious set, MaryLou's Independent Expression Expansion sets, HugeLunatic's backless tub-shower and nouveau stairs, fence and open-underneath stairs with GiveTheNineARide's recolors, Mara's plaster walls in CuriousB's lovely colors, Awesims' wood siding and shingles, crabofdoom's walls & floors and more walls & floors, HolySimoly's wood floors, mia86's roofs, goderguy's roofs
... and too many others to list but thank you!
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