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al bohemian table lamp default - recolors
ft baby ceiling light default - recolors
bg ultra-modern floor lamp default - recolors
bg club swing-arm / torch floor lamp default
bg club table lamp default
bg club wall / ceiling light default

defaults here:
   bg designer table lamp
   bg designer ceiling light
   bg deck fence lamp
   bg deck wall light
   bg brick wall fence lamp
   bg garden bollard / spike light
   bg Central Asian fence lamp
yuxi's fence-lamp-as-table-lamp recolors here

defaults here:
   bg quaint table / floor lamp
   bg quaint wall light
   bg quaint ceiling light
bg loft shoji table lamp default
bg loft floor lamp default
bg modern ceiling light default

gl luxury table lamp default - recolors
gl luxury ceiling light default -recolor
gl luxury bow ceiling light default - recolors
k&b stylish wall light default - recolors
k&b stylish ceiling light default - recolors

bv hotel wall light shade recolor
bv mountain table lamp shade recolor
bv mountain floor lamp recolors
bv mountain ceiling light shade recolor
bv tropical table lamp default - recolors (seaside colors)
bv tropical ceiling light default - recolors (seaside colors)

bg triple streetlight default
ofb intl streetlight default - recolors (island colors)
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