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Sesame's Seramics

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Sesame's Seramics.

Set of 30 different ceramic pots made for Sesame.  There are 10 different styles of Pot each coming in small, medium and large.  They can be placed over trees/flowers/plants etc without cheats subject to size obviously!  Sims can walk through them so there is no reason for them to shout and wave their arms to get to outdoor plants. 

All of them are slaved to the Large Amphora so that is the only one you have to keep to use any of the others, it is labelled as the master file.  You can just bin the ones that you don't want, they have been labelled as slaves for ease.  There is a 2nd recolourable subset so you can chose whether to have the pots open or appearing full of dirt or water. 8 recolours included, I have deliberately used a tiled texture/patterned texture/stripes/wood etc so you can see how each style looks on the various pots - not all textures will suit or even look vaguely decent on all pots, I have tried to get them mapped as best I can so they suit a variety of textures.


GAYLE!!!!!! :OMG

I LOVE You!! :realbighug:  Just yesterday I was ready to jump on you and ask you where these were, but decided to wait a few more days!! Thank you soooo much! :wub :blowkiss

This is such a wonderful set,  :realbighug: thank you!!!!!!! :perfect10: :woot :punk: :celebrate :happy: :thumbup :thumbup1

ty Laurie and AG  :))

Laurie they were sat in the website exclusives thread awaiting being placed on the main site and I had kinda forgotton about them - sorry!  I realised last night they had been sat there neglected so put them up on the forum this morning - I was to lazy to play about with a web page lol



ty ty ty ty ty for sharing!!!!



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