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RgdyAnne's Wall Stickers- 15 Recolors


Sometimes I get carried away- so here's 15 recolors of RgdyAnne's wall stickers- 5 of each size. Some are transparent, some are more like a mural- like hers. Hope you like them! Mesh here:

1tile here:
2 tile here:
4 tile here:

I didn't realize till now how dark some of the pics got when I made them smaller.  :(( Middle column, first 3 are a meadow, sunset over a lake and an island scene. First row, last pic is birch trees (sorry, I know those already exist now!) Last row, last pic is a waterfall. There's also a 4-tile moon/clouds, a 1-tile chalkboard and a 4-tile forest that aren't in this pic.

MLC these are gorgeous  :likeit lots  :))

These are nice.


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