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Deer Creek *Residential Lot*



Deer Creek
-Small Lot- House is fully furnished, see list below for Custom Content and Credits.  Master bedroom and Nursery on main floor. Features a large Kitchen, Diningroom and large Livingroom area.  2 Additional bedrooms are in the basement.  Basement is a walk out basement to patio.  Has a large deck off main living area. 2 full baths.

-Door and wood floors by Holy Simoly Site Link
-Slate Floors by Sesame Site Link
-Roman Shades by HugeLunatic Site Link
-Windows by Phoenix Phaerie Site Link
-"Don't Close Me" Door by NoFrills Site Link

-Requires EP's up to Apartment Life, Kitchen & Bath, Mansion & Gardens Stuff Packs.


Yummy  :love

I love your landscaping and the balcony on this one is so cute  :))


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