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LifeStories Buy Bundle Notes
« on: May 09, 2017, 09:01:55 PM »

DOWNLOAD the latest buy bundle optional and required files (updated February 2020)

February 2020 Update!
Fixed the zLdDarcy_StoriesObjects_DecoSlot file that was causing the dressers to not be place-able without the moveobjects cheat.

January 2020 Update!
Fixed the Reward Bar, more info here.

July 2018 Update!
More info here.

March 2018 Update!
HugeLunatic made some improvements to my favorite bundle.

Since I started recoloring the Proper Life Stories Conversions, I've edited and added a few things. Here's what's been changed and/or just a description of what a file does:

   the reward tv has correct repair animations (credit to LordDarcy)
   the pool table's groups were fixed (credit to Havelock)
   the reward bar's inside shadow was fixed (credit to Havelock)
   recolorability added to almost everything (credit to LordDarcy and HugeLunatic)
   rugs can be placed off-grid
   Bali furniture is repositoried
   Shakely furniture is repositoried with subsets added (credit to HugeLunatic)
   the teak outdoor chair has recolorable wood and cushion subsets (credit to HugeLunatic)
   the reward hot tub has recolorable wood and tub subsets (credit to HugeLunatic)
   the reward bar was repositoried to the bg loft counters and no longer causes foot-stomping

argon_instrument_hack-al and argon_pieguitaracc
I play-tested with just these files and didn't have any jump-bug, tipjar, or 'join' problems but the reward guitar is the only custom instrument I have.

I think PetStories had this animation/option but it had to be re-added to work in ts2
Here it is for all the grills

ls_riley_coffee_black and ls_riley_coffee_white
Havelock's recolors

ls_rugs_NoOutdoorShadows (here)
removes the shadowy darkness that can occur after rugs have been edited to be placed off-grid and diagonally

ls-coffeecuphack (here)
Sims will put espresso cups and coffee mugs in the dishwasher if one is really close or on the ground if there's no surface nearby

both paintings are low on the wall for non-shadowy shiftability
(thanks to threadandsandpaper for figuring out a fix and teaching me how)

zLdDarcy_LS_AL_Update (here)
adds the noisy neighbor apartment thing to the tv and stereo and lets elders watch the tv while lounging on a sofa

zLdDarcy_StoriesObjects_DecoSlot (updated February 2020)
original info here and here

Here's exactly what I have in my game and where. If you don't have the UC, your file path will vary.

Program Files/Origin Games/The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection/Fun With Pets/SP9/TSData/Res/Catalog/Bins
ls_build.bundle (here)
ls_career_entertainment and ls_career_gamedev (download here, preview here)

Documents/EA Games/The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection/Downloads/sub-folder if you like (mine is named stories_life)

I also put any add-ons * and recolors in this sub-folder including:
LordDarcy's edits of Numenor & MaryLou's rcs (here)

*Add-ons can also go in Program Files/Origin Games/The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection/Fun With Pets/SP9/TSData/Res/Catalog/Bins if you prefer them to not have the cc*

Files you can remove if you had them:

Many thanks and credit to Argon, J. M. Pescado, Havelock, and LordDarcy for the bundle and fixes
Thanks to witheredlilies for remapping the Shakely sofa
Thanks to hugelunatic for adding subsets and for figuring out off-grid rugs and for a million other things.
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Re: LifeStories Buy Bundle Notes
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July 2018 Update!
I was fit to be tied when I realized the bundle need updating again, sorry for the hassle of redownloading it.  :blush
HugeLunatic generously helped with this one too, so many thanks to them.

   edited the grill's subsets: the metal is separately recolorable from the marble top & dishcloth
   edited the Bali seating subsets: the cushions are separately recolorable from the frames
   the plastic plant's vase is separately recolorable from the leaves and its shadow was fixed
   the pool table is easier to recolor
   the tiki torch casts light
   hot tub recolors appear correctly in neighborhood view
   added more deco slots to zLdDarcy_StoriesObjects_DecoSlot

   the fertility bedding hopefully looks nicer on single beds

The above edits broke some earlier recolors
   updated rcs of Numenor/Marylou's grill and plant (originals are here)
   fixed the yeti rcs of the plant's vase at the chalet and in the original upload
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