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Granted Wishes from Wishlists
« on: June 13, 2017, 12:02:26 PM »
 :blowkiss I don't want to lose these Yeti Gift Shop posts where I had requested some things because LiveJournal's s2 community was so generous and I miss it *sniff* I'm editing out my hyper squee-filled responses because they're obnoxious but I am still just as mushy about everything as I was then.


This window from the s2store castle set, could it be fixed to let light in?
slig pointed me in Chris Hatch's direction and their version is included in the upload at GoS here

Could this end table from the Nouveaulicious set be scaled up just enough to be a repositoried one-tile dining table?
Delonariel shared it here

Any sort of add-ons for the tropical window from BonVoyage please please please?
And oof please maybe some modular stairs to go with the fence?

HugeLunatic's build add-ons are here

windkeeper's round LaFenĂȘtre one-tile windows centered on two tiles?
Keoni made them here

An open-underneath version of HugeLunatic's recolorable Shinto stairs?
HugeLunatic shared them here

A shorter IKEA Hemnes mirror to go over a sink?
HugeLunatic posted it here

Speaking of mirrors, any of these enormous ones shrunk down a little?
Like if you placed any of them in a 1x1 'nook' the walls wouldn't eat either side?

HafiseAzale granted this wish here

I repositoried Ailias' groovy table lamp to the floor lamp from Uni but it has weird lit states
If anyone could figure out what I did wrong?

Thanks to mustluvcatz & HugeLunatic, I fixed it and was able to share the lamp here
Here's mlc's useful info from the comments:
  • Just in case you decide to tackle more lamp repositorying, HL was 100% right. I just had to plop lightingfloorgroovy_metal_orange_lit and lightingfloorgroovy_metal_orange_unlit in the right places in the Text Lists>Material Names, which fixed the ON/OFF BHAVs. But then you told me it still didn't work, which broke my little heart! That's when I took another look and noticed that lampshade was still in the Text Lists>Group Mesh Names. I changed that to metal, which fixed it right up! It was even easy peasy to do without Uni installed since I just snagged what I needed for the Material Names from the SHPE.

maxoidmonkey's deely boppers as an accessory? toddler thru elder, male and female??
kalynn granted this wish for our blind date here
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Re: Granted Wishes from Wishlists
« Reply #1 on: June 13, 2017, 01:43:14 PM »

Trevor's little face is cracking me up because I am just as dramatic
Please? Please? Please?
bg cattails and water lilies, m&g smaller umbrella plant with zero footprint?
Doesn't it seem like sims should be able to walk thru these?

HafiseAzale did these here

Would it be possible for a ground shadow to please be added to my blind date's hall tree edit?
Tinhouse's mesh is so pretty, it deserves a shadow!

psychosim added a shadow and julsfels made it base-game compatible here

The ft barstool has two subsets but why is one for the plexiglass chair back thing?
Would it be possible for that subset to allow recolors of the chair seat/cushion instead?

HafiseAzale granted this wish here
And here are the rcs I did thanks to Hafi's fix

Speaking of subsets, my favorite pet bed!
Could it please be fixed so the basket is separately recolorable from the cushion?

HafiseAzale did this too, it's here
HugeLunatic added the 2nd subset to k8's 1-tile basket included below
Here are the rcs I did thanks to them

I always thought my obsession was lamps and mirrors but I ask for stair stuff ALL THE TIME
And I would really love an open-underneath version of HugeLunatic's recolorable steadfast stairs

HugeLunatic made them here

More stairs! I spent forever trying to get Murano's aloa stairs recolorable
*rubs lamp* I wish for all the stairs to be recolorable please

HugeLunatic granted this wish here
And here are the recolors I did thanks to Lunie

Maximum_spider at MTS made some gnomes forever ago but the one I really like is missing.
There's a mysterious gnome4.simpe file in the download, is that him?
Is that his partially-completed self that can be completed somehow? Maybe please?

Poor little handstand gnome couldn't be found but many thanks to HafiseAzale for trying

Another request for another subset.
Could Holy Simoly's seaside awning have one added for the brackets?

HugeLunatic said yes here
And here are Holy Simoly's originals updated to work with Lunie's edit


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