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North Pole Mini-Challenge
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I've never played a challenge so I'm not sure it's a good idea to make up one without any experience but I really want to try this. I might need to edit these as I play.
This is a 7-day challenge! HolidayStuff, Seasons and OpenForBusiness are required. I built and furnished my North Pole lot with all eps and sps and the family has a cat and a dog but nothing from the other eps and sps is necessary.

Getting started:
Create two families - one with Santa and three kids elves, one with Mrs. Claus and three kids elves (and pets if you like). Assign personality traits and turn-ons/turn-offs randomly (roll-of-the-dice). No fat sims in CAS yet, points will be awarded every time one of them gets plump once they've moved in.
Recommended mod: Pre-Seasons Outerwear so they can wear their HolidayStuff clothes during snowball fights, etc.

Build, furnish and decorate your North Pole lot however you like. There are no money restrictions, just have fun, everyone gets a bed. Smoke alarms required, burglar alarm recommended.
Buy these because you can get points for them:
  - ssns small ice skating rink
  - ssns hot chocolate maker
  - ofb toy crafting bench
  - hh cornucopia (required for the Holiday roast)
  - hh mistletoe
  - hh Funky the Snowman
  - hh Diet Festive Tree or Christmas Tree

You'll have one controllable sim, either Mrs. Claus or Santa. Use the familyfunds money cheat so one family can move in, exit back to neighborhood. Change all four seasons to winter and move in the other family. Turn on your Christmas tree lights :D
You can direct your non-controllable adult to do only one action a day so you can send them to defrost a frozen family member, help with homework, work at the toy-crafting bench, plead with Grim, etc.
Elves are completely off-limits, no clicking on them at all!
The challenge is over on Day 8 at 8am

Daily Points:
no snow on ground at all during 24-hour day: -10
autonomous ice-skating: +2
autonomous snowman building: +5
autonomous snowball fight: +2
autonomous snow angel: +2
autonomous cocoa making/drinking: +2
anyone gets fat: +5
no one eats anything but the following: +5 *
  - fridge "Have a snack" cookies and "Stuff Face"
  - pancakes
  - Santa cookies
  - ofb pie, cake or cheesecake
  - Turkey
  - Holiday roast
overheating: -5
freezing: +10
Grim Reaper appears: -10
penguin appears: -20
NPC Santa appears: +5
mistletoe kiss: +5 (remember Mrs. Claus and Santa are actually just roommates)
Christmas Tree fire: -2 **

End of Challenge Points:
elf taken by social worker: -20
forgot to turn on Christmas Tree: -10
kept Funky the Snowman on and un-muted for 24 hours: +2
7 cooking skill points (enough to make the Holiday Roast): +15
toy crafting bronze badge: +5
toy crafting silver badge: +10
toy crafting gold badge: +20
Mrs. Claus and Santa fell in love: +10
threw a New Year's Eve party with no cops, Father Time and Baby New Year appeared: +2
  (party score doesn't matter)

Changing a non-controllable's appearance/clothing is allowed but with closed tabs.
Money cheats are allowed.
Any build/buy mode type cheats are allowed except you can't prevent point-losing events from happening (e.g. if your non-controllable is about to make a salad you can't rotate or sell the counter to keep them from it).
No boolprop-testing-cheats, ACR or cheaty mods, I don't really have any so I don't know what's available but y'all know what I mean :|
Aspiration rewards can be used if your sim has the points to get them.
Genie lamps can be used if the matchmaker drops one off.
No gardeners, maids, butlers, exterminators, or repairsims.
No garden club wishing wells.
No FreeTime lifetime aspiration benefits.

* Remember to remove pescado's noeatcrap if you have it
** I had to buy a new Christmas Tree after every fire in order for NPC Santa to appear. Remember to turn on the new ones
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