Author Topic: Texture-reference OFB Euro set and Shakeshaft's Victorian Shop Facade?  (Read 3135 times)

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Offline thechangeling

(Picture by Goat, with her recolors here.)

Can you tell that I love this set? iCad also made some delicious recolors here, but mentioned that the Mullionaire door isn't linked to the other two, which all share the same mapping. Could someone link it to either the Tallish Transom or the Abiding Elegance, whichever is the master? Also, none of the windows are linked, but the Safe-T Arch has different mapping from the Belhooven Maroo and the Fenetre Fantastique, if I'm not mistaken! Any possible links using these would be appreciated it!

But that's not all! Shakeshalf at TSR made this lovely set, but failed to link it to the Euro set, which it's base on. Silly, right? If these could be tossed into the linkage, that would be awesome! You can snag the set here. ;)

Thank you for reading!

Offline thechangeling

Is it just me, or is this the most difficult slave ever? After trying a few times, I've found out that all of the door GMNDs were edited by Numenor in the CEP. Should I extract those and try going from there, perhaps?

Offline thechangeling

My suspicions were correct, and this request has been completed here by revolvertrooper! :thumbup


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