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Monsoon Build Set
« on: May 17, 2015, 05:10:18 PM »
Monsoon Build Set
New version

This set contains: Four windows, six doors, two archways, two staircases, three columns, two fences, two borders, two storm blinds, two doorway curtains and two full-length curtains. You can also download the house above – furnished. Find and download it all in the posts below.

To start off with here is the collection file:

   Download Monsoon Build Set Collection File

* No EP required

This is a new and improved version of the Monsoon Build Set. All meshes have been redone and made repository and some textures have been improved.

Not all these new versions will overwrite the old ones, so I strongly recommend that you remove ALL old Monsoon Build files from your Downloads folder before adding the new ones.

Old recolors by other creators may in some cases not work or look good on the improved meshes.



For anybody who knows of other recolors of this set, please feel free to post a link to them in this thread.  :)

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Re: Monsoon Build Set
« Reply #1 on: May 17, 2015, 05:13:49 PM »

Main Build Meshes
1 MASTER objects (counter height window) and 18 SLAVES.

Windows, archways and doors
Poly counts: Privacy window - 164 per tile. Small window - 196 per tile. Fullsize - 132 per tile. Double - 148 per tile. Single wooden doors – 700/736 per tile. Double wooden door - 688 per tile. Single glass doors – 250 per tile. Double glass door – 452 per tile. Single archway – 96 per tile. Double archway – 48 per tile.
All have diagonal versions.

Poly counts: No railing – 80 per tile. With railing – 208 per tile

Railings, borders and columns
Poly counts: Railing 1 – 64 per tile. Railing B – 76 per tile. Border A – 16 per tile. Border B – 16 per tile. Column A – 36 per tile. Column B – 48 per tile. Column C (connecting) – 48-272 per tile.

Download Main Build Meshes

Storm blinds
SLAVES to the counter height window. Found in Buy Mode under curtains.
Poly counts: Open and closed - 512

 Download Storm blinds

SLAVES to the counter height window. Fullsize curtain is SLAVE to doorframe size. All have diagonal versions.
Poly counts: Curtain A (beads) doorframe – 1756 per tile. Curtain A (beads) fullsize – 2078 per tile. Curtain B (fabric) doorframe – 408 per tile. Curtain B (fabric) fullsize – 408 per tile.

Download Curtains
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Re: Monsoon Build Set
« Reply #2 on: May 17, 2015, 05:14:50 PM »
Recolors – Main meshes
Work on windows, doors, archways, staircases, columns, storm blinds and curtains (rods).



Download Recolors for Main Meshes
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Re: Monsoon Build Set
« Reply #3 on: May 17, 2015, 05:15:38 PM »
Recolors – Railings and borders
(These are not ordinary recolors, rather actual meshes)

Download Recolors of Railings and Borders
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Re: Monsoon Build Set
« Reply #4 on: May 17, 2015, 05:16:31 PM »
Recolors – Curtains

Download Curtain Recolors
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Re: Monsoon Build Set
« Reply #5 on: May 17, 2015, 05:18:25 PM »
’The Monsoon’

‘The Monsoon’ is a recreation of the first house I lived in in Phnom Penh, Cambodia years ago. It has, however, been slightly modified from the real life version. For instance the bougainvillea in front of the balcony is missing, and I didn’t have quite such a big car. ;-)

Built with all EP’s installed (no stuff packs).

Lot size: 2 x 3. Fully furnished value: 82,841 simoleons.

View slideshow here:

Download ‘The Monsoon’

Install instructions:
•   In the download you’ll find two files – the lot file and a folder called ‘Extras’. The latter contains master objects for slaves used in the house.
•   Install the lot file as you usually do.
•   Add the items in the ‘Extras’ folder to your download folder.

Credits and items contained in the download:

Build mode:
Le Morvan Basewall
Kirirom Tile Wall
Bayon Dark Wood Floor
Kirirom Tile Floor
White Marble Floor
Monsoon Privacy Window
Monsoon Small Window
Monsoon Fullsize Window
Monsoon Double Window
Monsoon Double Glass Door
Monsoon Wooden Interior Door
Monsoon Single Archway
Monsoon Double Archway
Monsoon Staircase A and B
Monsoon Column A and B
Monsoon Fence A
Monsoon Border B

By Maxis:
Blank Slate Flagstone Flooring
Slimming Oak Parquet

By Neirike at MTS2:

By SimVeggie at SimVeggies Garden:
Recolors of Maxis flowerbeds

By Macarossi at MTS2:
Primroses flowerbed

By Buggybooz at MTS2:
The Mumbo Jumbo Grass
Fugly Fern

By alex_stanton1983 at MTS2:
Cordyline Australia x 4
Ensete Ventricosum
Roystonea Regia x 2

By Fresh-prince at MTS2:
1994 Grand Jeep Cherokee + recolor 02

By Steffor at Steffor’s Banana Recreations:

Living room:
Bayon Sofa
Bayon Armchair + recolor 4
Bayon Small Coffee Table
Bayon Lotus Light
Bayon Incense Urn
Amali Rug + recolor B3
Amali Double Curtain
Amali Short Single Curtain
Amali Plant 2
Shan Hanging Lamps
Shan Floor Lamps
Torrox Sideboard
Torrox Fruitbowl + recolor 02
Tamarind Bedroom Plant
Tamarind Bedroom Flower Vase
Le Morvan Magazine Basket + recolor 01
Le Morvan Fruitbowl + recolor 08
Penang Table Lamp 2
Monsoon Doorframe Curtain A
Asiana Painting 3
Simbella Lotus Painting
Melaka Outdoor Living Plant 2 + recolors 01 and 05
Tongsai Flower Vase 8 + recolor 02
Nyemo Floor Bag

By Orangemittens at Avalon:
Tibetan Draped End Table
Tibetan Stacked Boxes
Tabriz Vase + recolor
Table Lily

By Heidi at Exotic Elements:
Japanese Baskets

By Sandy at Around The Sims 2:
Ethnic Dining Bookcase
Ethnic Bedroom Flower + recolor

Dining room:
Monorom Large Dining Table
Monorom Dining Chair
Amali End Table + recolor 08
Amali Double Curtain
Bayon Dining Hanging Lamp + recolor 6
Bayon Floating Candles + recolor 3
Tongsai Flower Vase 7
Tongsai Flower Vase 10
Manila Floor Lamp
Penang Wall Lamp
Asiana Painting 4 + recolors 1A, 1B and 1C

By Steffor at Avalon:

By TKangie at Armchair Traveller:
African Vase Set

By Macarossi at MTS2:

By Funny at Pimp my sims:
Fresh Bedroom Plant

Torrox Counter 1, 2 and 4
Torrox Overhead Shelving
Torrox Shelving Unit
Torrox Fridge
Torrox Stove
Torrox Bowls
Torrox Caraffe
Torrox Jars
Torrox Wine Rack + recolor
Torrox Wine Glasses
Le Morvan Kitchen Short Open Curtain
Le Morvan Kitchen Long Open Curtain
Le Morvan Cheeseboard + recolor
Le Morvan Melon Bowl + recolor
Le Morvan Bottles
Le Morvan Jars + recolors 1b, 4b and5b
Le Morvan Small jars + recolor 1
Le Morvan Pots + recolor 3
Le Morvan Casseroles
Le Morvan Cherry Bowl + recolor
Le Morvan Pear Bowl
Le Morvan Carrot Basket
Le Morvan Mortar
Le Morvan Large Pepper Mill
Le Morvan Herb Bowl
Le Morvan Apple Bowl
Le Morvan Wall Plate + recolor Black Stone
Takeo Stack of Small Plates
Takeo Stack of Large Plates
Takeo Mugs x 2
Takeo Kitchen Hood
Takeo Teapots + recolor 2
Takeo Hanging Pots
Takeo Spices, Chilis and Garlic
Takeo Kettle Holders + recolor 4
Takeo Coffee Pot
Takeo Small Plant
Melaka Sink
Shan Wall Lamp
Tamarind Bedroom Long Blinds + recolor Light
Amali Plant 3
Ayuthaya Tray + recolors 1 and 4

By Steffor at Avalon:
Dining Chair
Dining Chair with Cloth
Glasshouse Plant 2

By TKangie at Armchair Traveller:
Tribal Shop Yoruba Dining Table

By Jasmine at Reflex Sims Forum:
Deco Wine

By Crissi40 at Serenity Sims:
Recolor of dining chairs

Melaka Double Bed
Melaka Bedding
Melaka Double Canopy + recolor
Melaka Nightstand
Melaka Dresser
Melaka Chest of Drawers
Melaka Desk 2
Melaka Dining Chair + recolor
Melaka Fullsize Mirror
Tamarind Bedroom Runner + recolor Dark
Tamarind Bedroom Dress
Tamarind Tissue box
Bayon Coffee Table Book + recolor Angkor
Bayon Hanging Plant
Bayon Double Square Painting + recolor 08
Le Morvan Wall Lamp
Le Morvan Hatstand
Manila Wall Lamp
Torrox Boxes + recolor 5
Nook Curtains Left and Right

By SimVeggie at SimVeggie’s Garden:
Recolors of Tamarind Bedroom Plant

By Steffor at Avalon:
Pure Living Books

By Sandy at Around The Sims 2:
Souk Bathroom Basket
Sleigh Bedroom Deco

By Heidi at Exotic Elements:

Kirirom Shower
Kirirom Toilet
Kirirom Cabinet
Kirirom Sink
Kirirom Toiletries
Kirirom Bath Shelf
Kirirom Mirror
Kirirom Wall Lamp + recolor White
Le Morvan Bath Counter
Le Morvan Hanging Towel
Torrox Towels
Torrox Bath Basket
Torrox Deco Toiletries 1
InvisiBlock Counter Height + recolor
InvisiBlock HaciendaCounter Height + recolor
Tongsai Flowers 5

Monsoon Storm Blinds Open
Melaka Outdoor Living Plant 1

By Maylin at MTS2:
Rattan Table + recolor
Rattan Chair + recolor

By Steffor at Avalon:
India Hanging Lamp
Kifkif Plant
Glasshouse Plant 1
Exterior Plant 3
Exterior Plant 11
Exterior Plant 13

Back porch:
By Steffor at Avalon:
Exterior Plant 3
Exterior Plant 12
Princess Plant

MASTER objects included that are not used in the house:
Le Morvan Staircase
Le Morvan Long Closed Curtain
Le Morvan Small Bowl + recolors 1 and 2
Le Morvan Round Bottle + recolor 2
Le Morvan Basket Empty
Le Morvan Kitchen Counter 2/3
Le Morvan Large Towel
Takeo Upright Plate + recolors 1, 2 and 4
Takeo Single Mug + recolors 1, 2 and 4
Takeo Large Hanging Saucepan + recolor Steel
Takeo Large Plant + recolor 4
Bayon End Table + recolors 4 and 6
Bayon Painting Horizontal + recolor WhiteMatte
Torrox Dining Chair (no armrests)
Torrox Deco Toiletries 2
Amali Long Single Curtain + recolors 03 and 17
Amali Plant 1 + recolor 05
Melaka Outdoor Living Sofa + recolor 4
Melaka Outdoor Living Table
Tamarind End Table + recolors Medium and Dark
Tamarind Stool + recolor 6a
Shan Table Lamp + recolors 09, 10 and NEW05
Penang Table Lamp 1
Tongsai Flower Vase Base + recolor Vase Grey
Nyemo Wall Bag
Manila Table Lamp
Nook Curtain Closed + recolor 08
Kirirom Counter

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Re: Monsoon Build Set
« Reply #6 on: May 18, 2015, 11:56:00 PM »
Moune, this is so beautiful, thank you.   :love
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Re: Monsoon Build Set
« Reply #7 on: May 19, 2015, 12:58:21 AM »
 :omg  wonderful  :wub :thx

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Re: Monsoon Build Set
« Reply #8 on: May 22, 2015, 05:59:35 PM »
Moune, this is a great set and I love the house! It is so interesting to learn how houses look in other countries. Yours is very lovely and serene  :love
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Re: Monsoon Build Set
« Reply #9 on: May 23, 2015, 01:02:03 PM »
Thank you so much for redoing and expanding this beautyful set.  :love
Parts of it (the blinds and curtains for example) belong to my all time favorites.  :)

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Re: Monsoon Build Set
« Reply #10 on: August 08, 2015, 12:51:31 AM »
You have truly outdone yourself, Moune!
This is a fabulous set! I absolutely love it!

Thank you for sharing your talent with us, as always.  :blowkiss

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