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My Redistribution Policy

You may NOT post anything of mine on the exchange, or TSR under any circumstances, this also includes recolors of any of my meshes.

Regarding my meshes:

I ask that you respect the time and effort it took to create the meshes and not alter them in any way without prior permission.
You MAY include my meshes with any recolors on FREE sites without prior permission other than the previously stated exceptions. Please just make sure to include full credit for the mesh and a link back to the forum would be greatly appreciated.

SPECIAL NOTE: If you find that one of my meshes would be useful to you in creating a similar item and you would like to clone it please send me a PM for permission. Your odds are good I'll grant permission  :yes, I'd just like to know who's using what for what purpose :yes  

Regarding my recolors:

You may use any of my maxis recolors as you wish, however please do not re-upload them elsewhere and claim them as your own. You do not need to ask for my permission to use my recolors in screenshots, movies or in lots.

If you wish to use recolors I have done of other peoples meshes, please take time to check their policies before using my recolors and please bear in mind I have no control on other peoples policies.

Regarding requests:

I do take requests. However, I am a homeschooling mom of two and as such I will fulfill requests when I have the time and/or inclination. I reserve the right to refuse any request at any time for any reason. If you request something that I do not yet have the knowledge to do I will let you know and if possible will refer you to someone who can.

Please respect my TOU.

This TOU is subject to change at any time. Please check for changes or updates prior to using my creations.
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