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Marina's Sims Victorian Set
« on: July 01, 2017, 12:04:02 PM »
I love these meshes, especially now that the fence has posts and Lunie made an open-underneath version of the stairs. The gate looks less gravity-defying on the new fence and both columns fit over the new posts  ;)

Some of these files were uploaded already: Pippi kit, Alpine build, and porch things so watch out for duplicates.
The mesh files are named fairly clearly as to what is repositoried to what but the folders within the archives should also help.

pirate woods

island colors

bv mountain wood

The first floor edge hider I made for the Pippi kit requires ApartmentLife and is kind of fussy with all the [ shifting it requires. The new one is easier to use but it might look a little dark sometimes since technically it's 'underground.'

shasta_marinaflooredgehider_bracketrepo sits low on the ground and requires Goggalor's shiftable curtain fix

shasta_marinaflooredgehider2_bracketrepo sits below the floor on which it's placed

(fences require any ep)

Download for later eps
(ofb-lockable gate / al-shiftable floor edge hider (Goggalor's curtain fix included) / brackets, gables, & floor edge hiders categorized under m&g architecture tab)

Thanks and credit to:
Marina's sawn baluster fence, gate, and stairs
Marina's porch posts (one, two)
Marina's Victorian porch brackets (one, two, three, four)
CuriousB repositoried Marina's roof gables here
Sunni's floor edge hiders
Goggalor and leesester for the shiftable curtains fix
Goat for the wood texture
HugeLunatic for the open-underneath stairs and greatly improving the fence (the fence that I should not have attempted)
Amaryll for remapping the fence (the fence that I should not have attempted)

Please let me know if there are any problems  :yagami
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