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Small set of slaved objects to complete your bedrooms - most of them are must haves in my bedrooms.

  • All fabric slaved to Jonesi Bed Blanket - get the mesh here
  • All wood slaved to Campagne Dresser Chambre - get the mesh here

My meshes don't overwrite the original meshes and don't show recolors from the original meshes either.

List of included objects

  • Curtain    - I don't remember who originally made it, I made it as a request long time ago. But this is a new version with the rod slaved to Campagne Dresser
  • Bed pillows - Rgdyanne's Zee Deco Pillows split in 3 pieces and slaved for more possibilities - thank you for permission, Anne
  • Bed Blanket - SimSecrets Amel Bed Blanket split into 3 pieces and slaved
  • Frilled pillow - Avalons pillow, just slaved
  • Round Pouf - SimVentions pouf slit into 2 subsets and slaved
  • Table Lamp - Simplan-x Katie Jayne lamp slaved
  • Pouf coffee table   - I don't remember who originally made it, I have remapped and slaved it
  • Rocking Chair - Wood for Sims2, just slaved
  • Chest - Better Be Sim originally made it, I have resized, split into 2 subsets, remapped and slaved it
  • Blanket - Blacky Sims Zoo, just slaved

Beds, beddings and valences not included.

Get my slaved objects here

All thanks goes to the very talented designers, I just modified a bit and slaved them to Jonesis bed blanket.
Also thanks to Jonesi for her wonderful Bed Blanket mesh and to SDA for the Campagne set.

You can find more of my slaved objects here and here

Enjoy, Helle
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I love these new slaved objects (I've been seeing them in your previews and waiting patiently for them to be ready for posting)  :wub

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Yay!!! New Year's Day presents!!!!

Helle, they are lovely!!!

Deb :perfect10:

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Deb, I was just about to say the same thing but you beat me to it :D

Lovely set Helle!! 
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Thank you :love

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Wow, thank you! I love so many of these objects. :likeit


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*runs in circles, runs in circles*
YAY! These are great!  :happy:
Thank you very much :blowkiss

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You're welcome

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Wow! I love these, thank you! Looking forward to seeing them all in game :wub

PS I think the original trunk is from BetterBeSim's Romanza bedroom?

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That sounds right. I remember that bedroom from my "french period".

Kind regards, Helle

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Re: Bedroom accessories - slaved to Jonesi Bed Blanket and Campagne Dresser
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 :blowkiss  many thanks, once more.  Thankyou for making the Sims 2 game so much more enjoyable to play, big hugs judith.

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Thank you so much for these slaved objects! It sure is making our lives easier (when recolouring)
You are such a dear!


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