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Decorative Towels - Slaved to K&B Towel Caddy Plus

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Please be nice this is the first time I've really attempted any type of mesh manipulation.   I have been wanting a small set of decorative towels to match the K&B towels and multiple recolors of those same items.  I got to looking at the actual K&B towels, and was going to make a request of the lovely people here; for someone to separate them from the shelf and slave them.  But, then I decided that it might just be something I could do myself.  So I did.  Thank you Gayle for the slaving tutorial!

I extracted one of the small piles of towels from this K&B shelf and made it into a stand alone decorative object. 

I then slaved the towels back to the original object so that it will pull textures and recolors.

I've gotten so much enjoyment from everything that I've downloaded from here.  I wanted to offer these in case someone else finds them useful.  Will require Kitchens and Bath.


ooo, very nice!  More clutter! :)  And amythestfenix has lots of recolors of that shelf too!  I will download tomorrow when I am on my game pc.

They are lovely!  :likeit


Oh well done!!

I am really pleased the cloning tut helped you and lovely to see the results of your hard work  :yes :))

Thank you very much :likeit


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