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Lightheart's Walls, Set 01


Some walls for you -- Set 01

Seeing amythestfenix's beautiful room sets again, I was inspired to begin a new frenzy of making walls. It's been a long time, and I've missed participating with my old Sims 2 friends.

So here are 8 of my newer efforts (2 are a matching pair) -- the first one being made from Kate's Maxis-match Bubblegum room and textures. Thank you, Kate, for the white background, and for the inspiration!

They are packaged in one zip file along with these showcase pictures. You shouldn't have any trouble telling which file is which.

(I've forgotten how to make a hotlink around a word or words -- will try to figure it out before posting again.)

Maxis MatchBubbleGum by Kate, wallpaper:


CreamyBlue, tile:


Flowery Squares, wallpaper:


Lovely Tulips, wallpaper:


Purple Roses, wallpaper:


Stripes over Vines, wallpaper:


Little Floral Pair (one with beaded board, and one without), wallpapers



 :) Betsy

Very pretty!! Thank you!! :wub

Thank you so much :love

Thank you, Sandy and Helle! :)


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