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Lightheart's Floors, newer ones, Set 01


Some floors for you – my newest ones: Set 01

There are several Maxis/EAxis floors that I like a lot, only …
     the bricks aren’t red enough;
     the rich carpet only comes in red;
     the  rocks are too dark,
     or, the pattern is too big for my small rooms!

I particularly like the 1-tile version of the floral tiles, and the more neutral color goes with so many things!

They are packaged in one zip file along with their showcase pictures. You shouldn't have any trouble telling which file is which.

Maxis-mini floral, 1 tile version, my favorite, under tile


Rich carpet in Blue


Rich carpet in Green


2 bricks that are redder


A pretty stone made lighter



 :) Betsy

 :wub  Thank you, these are gorgeous! And thanks for including the pics in the zip!  :likeit

I'm so glad you like these, Sandy!  :)
My router died, so I was offline for a while and all my wireless devices went kaflooey -- hence the long delay in my response. Thank you for the compliments.


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