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Sims 2 Gift - Rare tkangie mesh offer


Hi, not sure if this is the right place, sorry if not. I have been seeing on sites some requests for tkangie's meshes. Apparently, she is no longer with Sims 2, and her site has disappeared. I have this mesh of hers I sometimes use, and would like to offer it to the community at large. In fact, I am using it in an upcoming recolor. Here is her Asian Place Setting #2. Click on pic to download. Enjoy!

And if anyone knows where more of her stuff can be found, I'd sure like to know, thanks! :)

You can find more of tkAngie's (aka thkehne) content at TSR.

She was also at Comhair, Daydreams, and Armchair Traveler. I have much of her stuff, but as always, I've changed filenames, categories, etc. so I'm always hesitant about offering my version of the meshes if the originals can be found elsewhere. However, you may have them if you need them. Thank you very much for this mesh; I didn't have it and am glad to get it  :hug


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