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Maxis-bedding Slaved Jonesi Blankets

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My friend Amber of Ambular's Artifacts made some colonial-bedding slaves of Jonesi's blanket (and her single blanket mesh she fixed for me a while ago over on Sims Cave), and very graciously agreed to let me share them with you all.

I personally like all this bedding stuff categorized under beds, so you'll find them in Seating > Beds.

Download here
Now if Lunie would make some Colonial slaves of the pillows, we'd be all set for this set, I think!

Thank you, Blue! I already have these excellent blankets by Amber (who is fantastic), but I agree that the pillow meshes (single and double) would complete the set nicely- bedding match is an awesome thing  :flowers

These are terrific Blue!  :love Thanks to your friend Amber for making them.  :flowers Thanks a lot to you for sharing them!  :blowkiss

I'm glad you guys like them.  :)  And Amythest, I totally agree that Amber is fantastic xD

I really like those!  Which pillows would you be talking of?  nengi's?   Slowly losing my mind with these fast track classes at school... :crazy


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