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Hello how are you? I hope well.
Did you notice that there are no table path options for ts2?
I'm looking and only found 2, however, both have fabric cutouts on the ends, which didn't look good when I put it on a three-tile counter, as I noticed these ends.
Unfortunately I don't know how to work with mesh in 3D programs (Blender and Milkshake), so I thought and here I am, to ask if anyone is interested and if it is possible to create something or modify the mesh called pocci_tablerunner_yellowinspiration_mesh, please.


I have tried to look up the pocci tablerunner and I am not able to find it - only a picture, the download link doesn't work.

If you find the table runner mesh for me and tell me exactly which table it has to fit, I can do it for you.

However in general I would say - unless you always use the same table (or very similar tables), it is probably not the best idea to have table runners with a vertical end piece since most of the tables vary in length, so it will not fit and all tables with a round end will look weird too.

Let me know what you think.

Kind regards, Helle

Hi, I apologize for my super late response.
Honestly, I even thought that there would be no one who would be interested in doing it.
I saw your answer earlier and went to find out where I had downloaded it, but I couldn't find it in any way, then I decided to make it available, I had to wait for SFS to send me the code, then I was worried about making it available since it exists somewhere , after a lot of frustration and giving up, today I found two links to the mesh.
I'll make them available if you're still interested.
I discovered that the mesh is part of a dining set.
So, as the tablerunner is rectangular, it would only be suitable for a table with 3 tiles, but, removing that trim on the sides, it would be possible to put it on tables with other tiles, although parts would be missing.
  Unless more options are created for tables made of other tiles.

Hi again.

I got the mesh now and I have looked into it. Looks like it is doable to adjust the length easily - but I need to have your favorite 3 tile table to find the right length. Also - it dosn't fit 2 tile either, does it ? At least it doesn't fit any of my tables.

Could you forward the table mesh / meshes ? (don't bother if it is other creators stuff, I will delete them right after I have done the table runners).

I have put a link to the tablerunners I normally use. They are 4t2 conversions from wondymoon, repoed to JonesiBB and AFSolids. There are 3-tile and 2-tile versions. They are a little more versatile since they don't have any endpiece on them.

wondy rubus tablerunners - repoed

Kind regards, Helle

Helle, the table runners that you kindly made available for me to download are incredibly just what I wanted, even better, in fact.
Thank you very much.
You won't even need to edit the mesh I requested, as yours are sufficient.  :love


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