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Basic Wall Superset 14: Vintage Pink to Red
« on: January 24, 2012, 03:47:07 AM »
Set 14 of the Basic Wall Superset
Vintage Collection Set V: 8 Textures in Shades of Pink to Red

Sets 10 - 15 include Vintage Print Textured Walls. Sets 10 - 14 are small sets of 8 Walls arranged by colour. Set 15 is a "Special" collection of 40 Vintage Print Walls in several small sets.

I tend to use many of the Vintage Walls in this collection as accent walls. As a result, a few of the floral textures may be a bit exaggerated to cover entire rooms with. However, Set 15 also contains 22 modified floral print Vintage wallpaper textures (as suggesed by Leefish). The 22 modified textures do not replace the originals, but I wanted to include them as they are in subdued tones and/or smaller scale for those of you who prefer them. After all, variety is indeed the spice of life! :)

Set 14 contains eight vintage patterned walls ranging from pink to red. Each wall costs 9 simoleons and can be found in the Wallpaper Section.

Here are a few preview images!


There are 3 files available for download. The textures and 2 different collection file zips. So, grab the Textures ZIP and the Collection File Zip that you need.



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