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Historic Savannah Townhouse
* NO CC and CC LOADED Versions Available *

This Historic Savannah Townhouse was inspired by the Historic District in Savannah, Georgia (my birthplace). The Savannah Dowtown area is designed around town squares, the Riverfront, Shops, Victorian & Colonial homes, the Savannah College of Art and Design, old Court buildings, Cathedrals, Cafes, Bookstores and distinct townhouses. Click on the following links to get a glimpse of Historic Savannah:


This small manse is on a foundation entry. It is on a 2x2 lot and is 4 stories high (with an Above Ground Basement, 2 Living Floors and an Attic Floor).  The Main Floor includes an outdoor Barbecue Area, a Foyer Entry, a walk in Closet, a small storage Closet, a Home Office, a Family Room & Dining Area, a Kitchen, a Laundry Room and a Half Bath. The Family Floor has 2 bedrooms (1 Master Suite and 1 Teen OR Guest Bedroom). There is also a small Parlour at the top of the landing on the Family Floor. I suggest locking the Bedroom Doors to keep Guests out of the Bedrooms. The Above Ground Basement includes parking for 1 or 2 cars (depending on which version you download), a Bathroom with stalls, an Indoor Swimming Pool, a Home Gym, a Sunroom, a Game Area and 2 Enclosed Courtyards. There is also an attic within the Mansard roof for a small band with additional storage space.

The exterior includes a wrap around alley (perfect for shotting fireworks on the Fourth of July). There are also garbage cans in the alley (which Simmies will kick over. To the right rear of the lot is a small Bus Stop. There are vending machines, a community garbage can, a newspaper rack (in CC versions) and a community telephone for a bit of realism. There is a wall between the Bus Stop area and the main residence.

How quaint! tehehe

Note: * All versions of this lot require University, Night Life, Open For Business and Apartment Life.


Zip 1 contains two NO Custom Content Versions. One is Unfurnished and the other is Furnished.

No Custom Content and Unfurnished Version:  151,771 Simoleons
No Custom Content and Maxis/EA Furnishings ONLY: 299,688 Simoleons



CLICK HERE to View a SLIDESHOW of NO CC Versions of the Historic Savannah Townhouse

2 No CC Versions of Historic Savannah Townhouses (4 MGS)


Zip 2 contains two Custom Content LOADED Versions.

One is Furnished with a 1 Car Garage and 2nd Driveway Parking Space. The other is Furnished with a 1 Car Driveway Parking Space and a Garage Workshop. The lots were packaged without CC and the CC Folder is in the zip. You need to place the CC Folder in your Downloads Folder for the CC LOADED versions to show properly.

CC LOADED and Furnished Version with Workshop and 1 Car Driveway: 352,340 Simoleons
CC LOADED and Furnished Version with Garage and Parking for 2 Cars: 359,806 Simoleons


This newspaper stand cannot be included in downloaded lots. I removed it from the lot before packaging it. It simply needs to go into the Downloads folder with the other CC. Please note, the newspaper stand allows your Sim to read the paper. Once the Sim reads the paper, he/she will place it on the ground. Once read, the newspaper options will appear just as they do for delivered newspapers. It's like having a second newspaper available at all times. On a community lot, the newspaper stand has buy options available as well.



CLICK HERE to View a SLIDESHOW of CC LOADED Version of the Historic Savannah Townhouse

2 CC LOADED Versions of Historic Savannah Townhouses (25 MGS)

Note: The CC LOADED Furnished Version is mainly decorated with Maxis Recolours. However, I also spared no expense on using a few choice decorative objects like flowers, light switches, a working washer and dryer (thanks to rebecah @ Affinity) and a few unique pieces of furniture. Do enjoy the lot! :)




* All versions of this lot require University, Night Life, Open For Business and Apartment Life.
* The lots were cloned and play tested for functionality. These versions are CLEAN Versions.
* This lot will look best if placed on a CORNER. A PLACEMENT IMAGE is included in both zips for your convenience. :)

* Each zip also contains the Floor Plans and a Front View image as well.
* The Floor Plans for all versions are the same.
* The CC LOADED Version was packaged without the CC. Be sure to add the Custom Content Folder to your Downloads Folder.

* There is only 1 entry into the house as it is built on a partial foundation. This allows the newspaper and deliveries to be made on the front porch without using a hack. In one of the CC LOADED Versions I removed the Garage Door and the internal driveway extension. The outside driveway is still in place for outdoor parking.  I replaced the garage door with Garage Wallpaper and converted the interior Garage into a workspace.  This allows for 1 car parking and a Workshop Garage. The other CC LOADED Version has a Garage Door with 2 places for cars. On the CC Version with a Garage Door and both NO CC versions, to prevent Simmies from using the Garage as a Main Door, you can either remove the interior doors between the garage and the poolroom or you can lock that door to household only. This will force Sims to enter through the Front Door properly. No cheat/hack necessary.
* The area beneath the entry stairs (where the basement showers are) is actually a Foundation Space. If you would like to add things to the walls in the shower area in the basement bathroom, you will need to use the "move_objects on" cheat.

* The kitchen area in this lot is above a swimming pool. In the unfurnished version, be sure to place the kitchen table near the 3 tile nook near the 3 windows if you are having issues with you Simmies sitting, but not eating. Those 3 tiles are not directly above the Swimming Pool.
* I did not create a Base Game only version of this lot as it was not practical for what I was trying to achieve with the lot.



Custom Content CREDIT LIST for the CC LOADED Versions ONLY
This list is to give props to all the Custom Content Creators whose objects I use to adorn my creations. Thank you!
No extra downloading necessary! The Custom Content is included in the CC LOADED zip for your convenience.

(The No CC Versions DO NOT contain any user created objects.)
15pupmaus49 @ MTS - Chinese Rug Recolor 12
AbstractSimmer187 @ MTS - Exerto Exercise Machine Red Recolour
Adele @ MTS - Super Chouette Posters
AyameS @ MTS - Lap of Luxury Recolour 2, Lap of Luxury Recolours 13, 14 and 20 , Brown Striped Dining Chair Recolour
Besen @ MTS - Laundry Basket
Billielith @ MTS - Chess Table and Outdoor Chair Recolour in Wood
BradySeitz @ MTS - Porch Cover and Recolour
Cameranutz II @ MTS - Nengi Roman Shade Recolours
CoralCrumbs @ MTS - Romance Bathtub Recolour
CTNutmegger @ MTS - Maxis Match Upper Kitchen Cabinets
Darter1235 @ MTS - Pearl Lace Chair Recolour, Two Victorian Bookshelf Recolours and 1 Vanity Recolour
Echo - 3x4 Rug Mesh
Freesimmy21 - Maxis Mailbox Brown Recolour
Fresh-Prince - 1929 Lincoln Phaeton
Goderguy - Grey Iron Roof
Havelock - Fire Hydrant, Desk Recolour
Heget @ Plumbbob Keep - Fiori Jonesi Bedding Recolour (Log In)
HugeLunatic - Nengi Bedding Match Bedpillows
IndigoRage @ MTS - Air Conditioner Unit
JonInMobile @ MTS - Sims 3 Dumpster
Jonesi @ BlackPearlSims - Bed Blanket Mesh (Log In)
KevinsHope @ MTS - Surge Protector, Euro Light Switch, Wall Outlet
Kims*Designs @ MTS - Nengi 3x4 Rug Recolors, Recalling Rug Recolors
LaureaWilwarin @ MTS - 3x3 Rug Recolour, 2x3 Rug Recolour
Leana @ MTS - Tieback Curtain Recolours, Victorian Curtain Recolours
Leefish  - Simple Street Grate, Von Trap Single and Double Surrounds
Lord Gothic @ MTS - Carpet Recolours
Macarossi @ MTS - Flower Box 1
Malfoya @ MTS - Persian Rug,
Michelle - Toybench and Crafting Station Recolours
MizzesSimmer - Locker Bench with Towel
MsBarrows - Luxury Completer Seating
MummySim - Wicker Laundry Basket
Mustluvcatz - Rose White Curtain Match Bedding
Nanisims @ MTS - Fireplace Cover Fire Alarm Mesh
Nazariopilar @ MTS - Individual Curtains and Recolours
Nea200pl @ MTS - 2 Scenic Maxis Painting Recolours
NikkiBailey - Water Heater
Nixie @ MTS - Oriental Sunburst Carpets
Phoenix_Phaerie @ MTS - Climbing Ivy, Hardwood Tree and Outdoor Lamps, Manor Bathroom Toilet Paper
PiggiSims - Manuela Rocking Chair Recolours
Plasticbox @ MTS - Lazy Gardener's Potted Plants
Rebeccah @ Affinity Sims 2 - Animated Washer & Dryer with Detergent
sarah*rose @ MTS - Floral Recolor of Jonesi Blanket, Mint Recolour of Maxis Curtains
SilentLucidity - Shiftable OMSPs sets 2, 3 and 4
SimNuts101 @ MTS - Louis XVI Chairs
SimRivers @ MTS - Maxis Easel Recolour
Sophie-David @ MTS - Value Mirror Recolour
StephSim - Red Mulch Floor and Garage Walls (In Lot - No Links), Basic Wall Superset Walls and Floors
Sunni @ Plumbbob Keep - Edge Hiders and Column (Log In)
Tessath @ MTS - Paradise Floral Rug Recolour


Around the Sims 2
Squat Bedroom Pile of Clothing, Bathroom Toothbrush Set 4, Kitchen Clutter Tray with Glasses, Desk Deco, Kitchen Condiment Jars, Wall Plates, Stove Wall Utensils, Watering Pump, Irish Pub Deco Bottles, Metro Lamp Post, Tinkering Tool Wall Panel, Modern Line Kitchen Condiments

Calalily Sims 2 (Site Off-line at Present)
Adirondack Chair Cushion 31, Bordello Chaise 10 Recolour, Chic Chair Recolours 4, 12 and 24, Chic Curtain Recolour 8

Moune (and @ MTS)
Amali Cushions and Recolours, LeMorvan Towels, LeMorvan Hat Stand, LeMorvan Spotlight, Luxiary King Dining, LeMorvan Stone Wall 2, Takeo Kettle Holders

Nengi's Spot
Big 3x4 Rug, Festive Tableclothes, Roman Shades

Parsimonious Sims 2
Basic Deco Cushion and French Recolour

Retail Sims 2
Urban Parking Meter and Urban Fire Escape

Sims In Paris (Courtesy of Blackys Sims Zoo)
Bath 4 Towel Rack, Bath 4 Chandelier, Bedroom 5 Chandelier, Bedroom 7 Chair, Bedroom 7 Screen,  Bedroom 7 Mirror, Living Room 7 Mirror, 3 Walls (2-12, 3-6 and 3-24)

Simply Styling (Jope and Suza)
Asian Living Sideboards, Bedroom 7 Pillows, Bedroom 8 Tables, Garden 4 Chairs, Aloe Vera Garden Plant, Bag 2 from Hall 3, Welcome Deco Sign, Living Room 1 Big Pillows, Living Room 7 Blanket, Living Room 7 Entable, Living Room 7 Sideboard, Living Room 8 Painting, Barbells, Keyring, Pile of Men's Sweaters, Reading Corner Table, Men's Hanging Shirt, Reading Corner Painting 1, Reading Corner Lace Table Clothes, Landscape 3 Plants, Outdoor Umbrella


Special Credit:
The original version of this lot was created for secrets421 @ MTS. While I had to sacrifice a few aesthetics (like user created CC, the garden courtyard and the ballroom), the versions available here are smaller, more Sim friendly recreations. Do enjoy! :)[/spoiler]
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Re: Historic Savannah Townhouse (NO CC and CC LOADED Versions)
« Reply #1 on: May 11, 2012, 02:25:14 PM »
This house is wonderful,  :thx so much!

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Re: Historic Savannah Townhouse (NO CC and CC LOADED Versions)
« Reply #2 on: May 11, 2012, 06:29:29 PM »
I love your house :love And I love Savannah too - one of the most beautiful cities I have ever visited.

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Re: Historic Savannah Townhouse (NO CC and CC LOADED Versions)
« Reply #3 on: May 12, 2012, 12:44:28 AM »
 :likeit Very nice, indeed. I've always wanted to visit Savannah and see it's renowned architecture.

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Re: Historic Savannah Townhouse (NO CC and CC LOADED Versions)
« Reply #4 on: May 12, 2012, 12:59:18 AM »
 :)) Thank you, Dominie, hokadk47 and RKetex.  :flowers

I loved testing this lot. It very much reminds me of Savannah. I agree it is one of the most visibly beautiful places. When I look at photos of Savannah, I know well many of the places...the Cathedral, Forsyth Park (where I used to climb across the fence and get into that fountain) and so many grande homes. Just the Antebellum houses alone are an architects delight. While I truly have no desire to live there, it is a great place to visit indeed! It gives a whole new meaning to understanding the essence of the "Deep South", "Southern Hospitality" and "Southern Charm". San Antonio, Texas also has the same ambience as Savannah (especially in the Alamo and Downtown area).

I appreciate the positive responses everyone.  :)

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~~*~ ~*~

Hmmmm....I wonder if HL...would consider adding a bunny smiley? After all, every "self respecting" BB should have a bunny smiley for those of us (namely me) who are bunny obsessed!   I keep typing :bunny: and nothing happens.  tehehe
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Re: Historic Savannah Townhouse (NO CC and CC LOADED Versions)
« Reply #5 on: May 12, 2012, 02:12:02 AM »
A lovely house! You've done a beautiful job on it  :flowers I love the architecture found in Savannah and have often thought I'd like to do a neighborhood influenced by it (alas, yet another "to do" project unlikely to happen anytime soon).

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Re: Historic Savannah Townhouse (NO CC and CC LOADED Versions)
« Reply #6 on: May 14, 2012, 10:36:02 PM »
Thanks amythestfenix,

(alas, yet another "to do" project unlikely to happen anytime soon).

Boy, do I know what you mean there! I used to build lots like a mad woman. My mind is full of many a Sim world with everything from Fairytale to Medieval to SciFi to Modern. Ideas and intentions are not at all in short supply. But, our dear friend Time...late for dinner as usual.

For now...Building is on hold until I simplify my Downloads Archives for building purposes. Then, I shall work on bringing closure to the medieval world I've been building for the past few years. Create what we can, eh? Otherwise, Simaholics Anonymous will be in order!

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Re: Historic Savannah Townhouse (NO CC and CC LOADED Versions)
« Reply #7 on: May 15, 2012, 01:20:04 AM »
YW! :D

I have given myself extra projects (like i always do)..and I dont know when I am going to actually 'play' with my simmies.  Not only have I recently joined Plumb Bob Keep (so geeked to finally make a Medieval hood), I finally dled your Simtopia hoods (been meaning to forever) for my new Urban game (which will have historical homes in certain parts of town).  This house is going in there...checking it out tonight finally.  :))

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Re: Historic Savannah Townhouse (NO CC and CC LOADED Versions)
« Reply #8 on: May 15, 2012, 04:59:04 PM »


Yeah. I am playing a little now that I am not building for the moment. I won't get back to truly building for another month. Had to take a break. I was looking at the Simtopia "plans" today. I was in the middle of finishing the transportation section of the commercial lots. With the Airport and Train Station done, I was in the middle of building a Bus Station.  I may dabble with it a bit on my laptop as we have a scheduled power outage.  This lot is actually a part of the Simtopia project, as I am planning to have a Savannah Downtown District in that for that project.

Thanks for your support D and I hope you enjoy the lot. I hired a butler, so my Simmie could be a lady of leisure. Of course, that silly butler is flawed. You have to fire him if he stops serving. But, other than that...I've enjoyed playing around in the lot. :)
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Re: Historic Savannah Townhouse (NO CC and CC LOADED Versions)
« Reply #9 on: May 18, 2012, 02:22:43 AM »
Oh wow, didn't click that this house is part of the project.  And I love the house.  I'm eager to start playing (i've never played with a butler)..but I got it into my head to start with this totally clean neighborhood, making my own townies, spawning my own NPC's... *sigh*  I have never done it before and it's alot of work preparing. 

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Re: Historic Savannah Townhouse (NO CC and CC LOADED Versions)
« Reply #10 on: August 22, 2013, 07:54:13 PM »
I just found this house and I love it and wish I could find more like it. Steph did a fantastic job.


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