Author Topic: Tutorials for TS2 bundle management/manipulation? A program at some point?  (Read 2708 times)

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I badly want a Sims 2 Bundle Manager with two main functions, unbundle and bundle. That is to say, a program that when I point
it to a .package like the LS_buy.bundle, will create, in a specified directory, individual folders and standalone files for
each object/set of code as determined by group number/object data/GUID as appropriate, also separating out each recolor
besides the default so that each appears as a separate file in a folder with the standalone object. Filenames could be
generated from the description title or resource names, perhaps with spaces removed or replaced with "_."

The bundle function would work just the opposite way. The user would point the program to a folder of .package files and it
would output a bundled .package of that CC. I know that group numbers are used within a file to determine which resources
work together, and standalone files use a group number consisting of all Fs to indicate the resources within that file are
one group, so a program such as I describe would probably need to keep a database tying unique group numbers to a GUID for
future reference and/or generate unique group numbers for sets of resources. I could be wrong on any of these points as my
understanding here is fuzzy at best.

I would settle for a tutorial on how to do this the long way but a program that automates it makes the most sense in the long run
as a time saver. I have tried several times to break apart bundles and I always end up ruining the files somehow.

Such a program would offer great organizational benefit to simmers. Among its many use cases would be:

Break apart bundles and keep only the objects, recolors, walls, floors, etc. that you want, eliminating redundant or
otherwise undesirable content to allow more room in your downloads for CC you actually like and use.

Bundle together hacks which are by the same author and/or known to be compatible to aid in tracking down hack conflicts that
are not due to modification of the same BHAV and thus not detectable by HCDU.

Bundle together favorite items to allow faster sorting and elimination of content you are not as certain you'd like to keep.

Bundle together themed groups of objects and move those groups to Downloads folders of different windows users, creating
differently themed CC collections in games. User A might maintain a medieval themed game, while B prefers a collection
for a modern setting. Moving around one big file is much tidier than moving many smaller files or folders.

Any information or links regarding how bundles work is appreciated.
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