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You know, I've never really thought I liked Lack colors cause they seem so bright and loud to me. But today, for the heck of it, I did a kitchen in Lack green, with some Inge auto-curtains, and you know....

I hope these come out so you can see what I did. Anyone know if the value counters, the simple sit chair & barstool, plus the Talking table has been done in Yeti colors?

Thanks, Deb

PS Only 1 picture comes up, but I think you kinda get the idea. And I'm sorry, not sure why this shows up on the home page.  :angry:

That green kitchen is really cheerful!  :flowers

The value counters are here. I haven't done the chair, barstool, or table in yeti colors and I don't think anyone else has done them either.

I'm not the biggest fan of the Lack colors - although I'll usually do them as recolors AND download them when Michelle releases her's. BUT: the green? I have to admit that the green is the one color that I really, really like and do use a lot.  :)


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