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interior_design_sims2 cópia cópia2 by Stefani Evaristo, no Flickr

I do not know who is the creator of this object number two, I tried to look in several places that I know to supply TS2 objects but without success. If someone knows where to find to download, I will be very grateful.

I think I found this as I was looking through my kitchen files for a different project. I'm pretty sure this is a white recolor of 4 SimsGedoehns Focus Kitchen Counters lined up together. The set does not come with an all white recolor like the pic so I did one. The site seems to be gone but I've put my copies of the set up for you HERE. The files have been renamed and some things have been edited.

I am very grateful for your help and for this tremendous work that has done to satisfy my need to have this object so sincerely when I saw your response here I was thrilled. I do not have enough words to thank .. this dawn was losing sleep trying to find this item. Many thanks .. You are amazing amythestfenix <3

Thanks to Avrora at SimPearls, I checked the folder and I remembered that I had removed Wall Cabinet 1 because the file was broken (the glass door was flashing blue and not displaying the texture) and my first attempts to fix it kept crashing the game. Thank you, Avrora, for reminding me that I needed to try again. I think that it is fixed now and I've added it to the original folder HERE.

In Simpearls the link did not work for me, but here it works .. Thanks for fixing the file <3


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