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Cassandre Country Living fixes, addons and recols
« on: December 27, 2015, 06:18:22 PM »
Cassandres stunning set is already in most of my houses. As part of my Christmas project I started to recolor,
but I very soon realised that the number of recols will explode with only one subset per object and my addiction
for matching I started adding extra subsets and slots.

My fixes will overwrite Cassandres original meshes, so don't install my fixes, if you for some reason
want to keep the original 1 subset meshes.

Original recols of the food parts will still work. Original recols of the china parts won't work with my fixes,
since the china parts have got new subset names. However except for the Cherry bowl the mapping
is still the same, so it is pretty easy to re-establish your recols.
The addon meshes are modified versions of Cassandres original meshes with own GUIDs, but they won't
work without my fixed version of Cassandres meshes.

Mashed Potato pot
  • Fix of the Mashed potato oval pot mesh - 2 subsets
  • Transparent recol of the food to use the pot empty
  • 6 recols of the food (mostly Danish Christmas stuff) and 3 recols of the pot
  • Addon - round version of the Mashed potato pot - 2 subsets, slaved to the oval pot

Corn and Roast dishes
  • Fix of the Corndish mesh - 2 subsets, 3 slots (remapped 28-12-2015)
  • Transparent recol of the corn to use the dish empty
  • 4 recols of the corn and 4 recols of the dish
  • Transparent recol of the dish to use the corn directly on the barbecue etc. (added 29-12-2015)
  • Fix of the Roastdish mesh - 2 subsets, 3 slots - dish slaved to the Corndish (remapped 29-12-2015)
  • Transparent recol of the roast to use the dish empty
  • 2 recols of the roast (Danish Christmas stuff)

Cherry Dessert and small Cherry Bowl
  • Addon - 4 larger versions of the Cherry Dessert - 2 subsets, 1 slot - slaved to the Cherry Dessert
  • Transparent recol of the dessert to use the bowl empty
  • 2 recols of the Cherry Dessert bowl
  • Fix of the Cherries mesh - 3 subsets, bowl slaved to the Cherry Dessert


Thanks to Cassandre (former BPS, now ???) for this stunning set, I only made a few fixes.

Enjoy, Helle
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Re: Cassandre Country Living fixes, addons and recols
« Reply #1 on: December 27, 2015, 11:44:39 PM »
So Awesome!  :perfect10 :perfect10 :perfect10
A wonderful set made so much better! I can't wait to go and redo my recolors of these as they are now so much more useful  :love

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Re: Cassandre Country Living fixes, addons and recols
« Reply #2 on: December 29, 2015, 09:04:18 AM »
Thank you so much, Kate - and thank you for pushing me to remap the corndish and the roastdish as well - I should have done that already before my first upload. You are right, they look much better now.

To all you other - please re-download and let the updated files overwrite the old ones. As you can see I also have added a NoDish version of the corndish, so you can put the corn and meat directly on the barbecue or the counter.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Kind regards, Helle


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