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More than a year ago I searched antique furniture for my french inspired rooms.
Amovitams 3t2 conversion with CuriousBs edits of the Federal bed was perfect and matched my other classic furniture well.
Also there was a lot of nice wood recols out there.

To match my needs even better and make recoloring of the headboard easier and more versatile I decided to create a repoed bedframe-only version with 2 subsets,
which I could then combine with my frameless beds.

Initially I made this repoed version for personal use only,
but over time I have used it much more than expected and I also have had a lot of requests to share it, so finally here it comes.

My repoed bedframe version takes the wood recols from Amovitams/CuriousBs bed and the tufted headboard recols from JonesiBB.
This way you can take advantage of all the already existing wood recols and at the same time get a bed that matches the fabric of all your other furniture without any extra work.
For some textures the headboard looks a little flat, but if you have textures with either a quilted or a tufted overlay it looks pretty good.

Get my repoed Federal Bedframe DL

You will need Amovitams/CuriousBs original bed in your game as well.
Since I am not really sure where I found CuriousBs edited version and the recols I have made a zip for you
(This is not to offend anyone, please just tell me if this is not OK and I will remove it immediately)

You will also need Jonesi bed blanket in your game to make my new meshes work.
Link to Jonesi bedblanket mesh GM

Get my frameless beds here, id you don't already have them DL

If you need more bedblanket recols, please check my recols section and Amythestfenix recol section.
She has a lot of very nice JonesiBB coordinated recol sets.

Also check my other repositoried items if you need items to match with.

All thanks goes to Amovitam and CuriousB for converting, editing and recoloring this bed -
without all their hard work I would not have been able to create my bedframe.

Enjoy, Helle
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